Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kick Starter, The VOR 2.0 project

Here is something interesting on Kick Starter.  It seems Mike "Skuzzy" is using Kick Starter to help raise funds to try and publish VOR 2.0.  That would be great if he raises the money.  I have my Growlers waiting.

"Hey folks,
It is with great excitment that I share with you the news that a VOR 2.0 kickstarter project has just begun, and it will run for 60 days. If the project amount is reached (or exceeded) by that time then we will have all the necesary funds needed to finally publish the main rulebook for VOR 2.0! Which would be AWESOME!


Please share the link to the VOR 2.0 KICKSTARTER page wherever you can; facebook, twitter, forums, etc. The more the link is spread out there the greater the chance we will have to get the funding we need to make this happen. When posting the link in gaming forums please be careful to use appropriate locations that might actually be interested.

- Mike "Skuzzy" Nielsen
Bioplazm Games"

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