Friday, August 30, 2013

Spartan Games, Dystopian Legions

Here are some more closeups of some of the Dystopian Legions figures from Spartan Games.

There are also vehicles and plenty of special characters.

Dystopian Legion, Size Comparisons

Here are some comparison painted up and taken by Agis Neugebauer of the Dystopian Legion figures with a bunch of GW and Artizan figures.  As you can see they are quite big.  Too bad really.  Not sure why they went with a much larger scale than most figure companies out there.  If they had been true 28s or even epic 28s like GW they would have much more potential for other gaming. 

I had thought the Federal Infantry had so much potential for a weird wild west game, since I have so many western figures.  The scale really makes me think twice now.  Same could be said for a Martian Wars.

Definitely check out Agis Site by the way.  He also has a few more pictures for comparison.  Simply amazing stuff.

Dystopian Legions, In The Box

Spartan Games has a fantastic set of miniatures for their game called Dystopian Legions. Below are the figures you will get for each of the 4 different starter armies. As you can see, some of the figures are quite stunning and actually Spartan has made it a little difficult as to which to pick.  Every Army seems to have some really cool figures.

My personal favorites are the Prussian Empire and the Federated States, but both the Kingdom Of Britannia and the Blazing Sun have fantastic looking figures as well.

The starters range from £40.00 - £42.00 or you can save a little money by buying 2 for £70.00 or 4 for £135.00.  They also have started selling other figures and vehicles that are not included in the starter army set.

I would like to see some basic trooper box sets come out that were a little less expensive.  The only problem people are going to have with this range is scale.  The figures are much bigger than most other weird war stuff out there right now, so the figures are going to be a little tall.

Each Starter set includes.

  • 12-14 highly-detailed minatures. Each miniature is pewter with the exception of the Prussian Empire Teutonic Knights, which is a combination of resin and pewter, and the Kingdom of Britannia Sky Hussars, which are pewter miniatures with resin smoke plumes.
  • Model Bases: 6 x 40mm bases and 8 x 30mm bases. 40mm bases are used for Officers, Characters and elite models. 30mm bases are used for standard infantry.
  • Token Sheet: A5 Token Sheet for you to cut out and use to represent actions executed in a game of Dystopian Legions.
  • Dice: 8 x black D6, 8 x blue D6 and 8 x red D6. Ruler: An 8 inch acrylic ruler to match the range band system.
  • Stat Sheet: Detailing statistics for all weaponry and MARs relevant to the miniatures included in your Starter Set.
  • Activation Cards: 5 x Activation Cards to be used to determine order of march. Game Cards: 13 x generic Game Cards, 13 x nation-specific Game Cards, 2 x additional Character Game Cards.  
  • Quickplay Rulebook: 80-pages covering all areas of the game mechanics you will need to play a full game of Dystopian Legions, along with descriptive examples and colour diagrams to aid your understanding.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Deadlands, Jetpack - Troopers

Going through my vast pile of miniatures I came across some 28mm that were sculpted for the Deadlands Great Rail Wars game.  Originally I thought these were from Brigade Games, but their sculpts are slightly different.

Here are the Brigade Games figures from their GASLIGHT and VSF catagory.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mawe - Carnosaurs

If looking for some little mouthy creatures to spice up your tabletop games Hasslefree Miniatures and CP Models has you covered.  Hasslefree's are called Mawe (Under Sci-Fi Alien's) and CP's are the Carnosaurs (Under their 15mm Sci-Fi miniatures).  They look a little bit like the GW's squigs.

As you can see below, the figures will work well for 15mm, 20mm and 28mm games depending on your needs.

 CP Models - Carnosaurs
 Hasslefree Miniatures Mawe


Clockwork Goblin Minis

There is a fantastic gaming company called Clockwork Goblin Minis that produce some great looking 15mm weird war figures.   You can check out their facebook or twitter to get more intel.  The  range is called "War Without End".  They have been saying that they will produce some of the figures in 28mm.

Love the overall concept.  The British and US Powered Armored troops are my favorites thus far.  Combine these with Flames Of War or Forged In Battle figures and you have a pretty cool weird war army.  Seems like I should dust off some of my Flames of War/Forged In Battle figures and get ready for these.

Clockwork is also sculpting figures for other companies, so definitely check out their Facebook page for a host of really good sculpts.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Steampunk meets Wild Wild West

I have been doing some research on various miniature manufactures who make 28mm miniatures, vehicles or terrain that would work in a Steampunk/Wild Wild West setting.

Here is a list that I have compiled thus far.
Artizan Designs
Brigade Games (Check out their Steampunk Line)
Clockwork Goblin Minis (Fantastic line of 15mms, but they will be coming out with 28s)
Copplestone Castings
Elemental Miniatures (Achtung Cthulhu - More WWII Alternate Sci-Fi)
Empress Miniatures (Nice 1879 British line)
Ironclad Miniatures (Great looking Vehicles)
Knuckleduster Miniatures (Great looking lazer cut terrain)
Meridian Miniatures (Victorian Sci-Fi Figures)
Outlaw Miniatures (New Game with cool miniatures and vehicles)
Perry Miniatures
Pulp Figures

Red Planet Miniatures (Looks promising for Martian lovers)  
Renegade Miniatures
Spartan Games Dystopian Legions (Cool Figures and Vehicles)
Tobsen77 (Great looking vehicles)
Tsuba Miniatures (Great Line of Japanese Figures)
Victorian Miniatures (Galaxy's Finest)
West Wind Productions (Empire of the Dead looks real promising)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Michael Lovejoy, Solar Empire Marines

Here are some of the 6mm greens that Micahel Lovejoy has sculpted for GĂ©rard's Solar Empire Marines.  You can find all this awesome goodness at CNC Precision In Miniatures.

Warploque Miniatures , River Troll

Alex of Warploque Miniatures was kind enough to send me a sample of the River Troll. The Troll figures are made out of resin and stand about 2 inches tall. Currently there are 4 types of trolls, (Forest, Hill, Mountain and River). He is currently working on a Giant and some really interesting looking goblin/orc looking types. If you are into malifaux you might just want to pick these up.

The River Troll comes in as a 5 part set.  The figure is completely resin and I have to say very nicely cast.  I will have some comparisons of this guy with some 28mm figures by next week.

This Troll would fit in nicely with any 28mm army or as a Giant Troll in a 15mm army.

Also since we are talking Warploque Miniatures, they actually have a new miniature ruleset called ArcWorlde and have an awesome Kickstarter going on right now.  The video is really slick and they look like they are going to produce some really nice figures.  Here is a link to the play test rule set.

River Troll

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Spackle those bases

Here is a cool way to make your bases come alive.  Glue the figure to a base, then apply spackle (You can find this at your local hardware store).  Paint with Autumn Brown, wash in Burnt Umber, then dry brush with Territorial Beige then Light Chocolate then very very lightly drybrush of yellow. 

What really makes the base come alive IMO is when you apply the Yellow.

I will post some pictures tomorrow.

Khurasan Miniatures, The Intruders

Khurasan Miniatures has tons of alien 15mm figures, but if your looking for more of the grey type aliens, you might be interested in "The Intruders" in their Earth Doom line.  The flying orb is TBA, but looks rather cool.

Alien Greys, 15mm Sci-Fi

Everyone needs a little Grey.  These guys are just plain fun.  The little Grey Aliens by Alternative Armies  probably have the most character.  Both Rebel Miniatures and Ground Zero Games Greys are more...well Grey looking with a less wacky weaponry.
Alternative Armies Greys Painted by Agis Neugebauer -
By far the best painted 15mm Greys I have seen to date.

Ground Zero Games - Greys SG15-X02

Rebel Miniatures - Alien Greys (Armed)
If you want larger scale Grey Aliens in 25/28mm scale , check out ZombiesSmith, Griffin Miniatures, 3D-Miniatures, Wargames Supply Dump and Brigade Games.  ZombiesSmith Greys are chalk full of character.  3-D Miniatures and Griffin Miniature Greys are very alien like.  Brigade Games are more realistic, but still have a ton of character.  Wargames Supply Dumps are not exactly Greys, but they have a ton of character and are close enough.

Khurasan Miniatures, Martian Imperialists

Khurasan Miniatures released some very cool Martians Imperials a while back for their "They Came From Planet 15" 15mm range.   The leader was heard saying "I am going to blow up the Earth."  Little Green Martian warriors painted by Chris Yaro.

Martian Warriors with Dehumanizer Rays (five models)

 Martian Overlord with Enslavo Sceptre (one model)

 Martian Flying Saucer with Dual Destructor Beams
(one resin craft plus pewter base and flight rod)