Monday, November 2, 2015

Age of Tyrants

Just received some cool figures for the 6mm game Age of Tyrants from John Robertson of Myriad Miniatures.

The miniatures included the Age of Tyrants Junkers Exarch and a Viridian Dire Wolf.  Both the Junkers and Viridians have several variants using the same vehicle bodies.

For the Viridians the Big Foot, Buffalo, Coyote, and Dire Wolf all are on the same tank chassis.  Two additional vehicles are the Broadsword and Excalibur on a slightly smaller tank chassis.

For the Junkers they have names like Draco, Octoris falx, Octoris Incendia, Venator, Onager and the one I received called the Exarch.  So far they use 3 different tank chassis

Right now there are 4 different factions including Junkers, Vasa, Viridians and Synthia.  Junkers appear to be the most heavily armed and most heavy armored vehicles.  Think GW dwarfs, slow but hard hitting.  Vasa appears to be fast, but fragile.  They probably don't have the punch of some of the other factions, but they can get there quick.  Viridians seem to be a good all around army with reasonable armor and firepower.  Synthia appears to again be fast and agile, but probably isn't as well suited for a full frontal assault on the Junkers.  They remind me of GW's Eldar. 

Both miniatures are very detailed high quality resin casts. 

As you can see from the first picture, you will need to have a pair of clippers and possibly a file.  I chose to use GW's Citadel Fine Detail Clippers to remove the excess resin. 

You can find out all about Age of Tyrants by visiting

For those that might remember, the Viridian tank looks similar to the old Warzone Bauhaus Tank, but with smoother lines.  While the Bauhaus tank was sort of clunky, the 6mm Viridian tank is more refined and streamlined.