Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Reaper Miniatures, XAIRobots

Reaper Miniatures has some really nice bots called the XAIRobots that could work nicely as large alien bots for 15mm game play.  I haven't seen these in person, but they look like they are on 25mm bases, so they probably stand 28mm-40mm tall.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Exodus Wars, Roc Multirole Support Craft

Exodus Wars just released a 6mm Fighter group called the Guild Harpy Multirole Fighter Flight Group.  The fighter group retails for £5.95. 

Dark Realm Miniatures , Comparisons

Dark Realm Miniatures was kind enough to supply some really nice comparison pictures and descriptions of their miniature range.
From Their Website
Pax Arcadian tanks. These are all on top of a 25mm wide x 40mm long base so you get a better idea of size.
This is comparing transports. The transports are on top of 20mm wide by 30mm long bases. 
I wanted to point out how large the Verger and Velite walkers are. The Verger is on top of a 40mm wide x 20mm long base so it is at a similar base height as the dreadnought. The dreadnought is on a 20mm x 20mm base.
This shows the kraytonian tanks compared to each other. The Gara transport is not shown but it is on the same chassis as the Aurika. The 3 tanks on the left are on 20mm wide x 30mm long bases. The Arkalest is on a 25mm wide x 40mm long base. 
Here is the infantry comparison photo.  This has GZG, GW and DRM.  I edited the photo shifting all of the figures up or down so they are approximately on the same "ground

6mm Buggies

Here are some of my favorite buggy type vehicles for 6mm Sci-Fi.
Exodus Wars - Khazari Raider Patrol
Plasmablast Games - Wolfbite - 3x3 Missile Trike

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Angel Barracks, 6mm

Michael from Angel Barracks has some rather cool 6mm creatures he just released for his new 6mm line.  Angel Barracks also carries Plasma Blast Games figures and Dark Realm Miniatures. 

Michael also has the FUBAR Sci-Fi ruleset.  The rules consist of a one page document, which is fast playing and is designed for small unit actions in a modern or Sci-fi setting.

The rules are simple to learn (usually after about 15 minutes of play) yet have enough tactical complexity to give you a fun and challenging game.

DreamForge Games, Heavy Troopers

DreamForge Games has a bunch of previews of Mark's upcoming Heavy Troopers on the DreamForge Games Blog.  As you can see there are some great heavy weapon options for these guys including the Grendel Siege Gun, Nova Cannon, Quad Mount, Light Anti-Tank Gun, and the H.E.L cannon (High Energy Laser).

The head swaps are a nice touch if you want your troopers to look the same as the lighter troops.

Mark is still taking some input for the figures, so check out his blog and comment away.

Friday, February 24, 2012

ACP Games, Val-Lyn

Here is a Val-Lyn design coming out for ACP Games. The figure will stand about 48-52mm tall and is one of the big monster types in the Val-Lyn lineup.

Solar Empire Marines, Scale Shots

Here are some scale shots of the Solar Empire Marines (SEM) by Gerard Goyette of Canada, sculpted by Michael Lovejoy of England.

As you can see the aliens are quite big compared to the humans in either girth or height.  The Calvary trooper is pretty sweet and the price is very reasonable at less than 50 cents per figure.

SEM Walker, Ga-Ule Felinoids Infantry, SEM, Lizard/Raptor Trooper

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Solar Empire Marines

Just received a package of the Solar Empire Marines today from Gerard.  The Solar Empire Marines (SEM) are a line of 6mm Sci-Fi designs conceived by Gerard Goyette of Canada sculpted by Michael Lovejoy of England. 

The SEM figures are gorgeous and there are a ton of poses.  If you are into 6mm gaming, these are going to be a must have.  The small vehicles (truck, quad, hover car and jet bike) are really great looking. 

The figures themselves, at least the ones I received were cast extremely well, with little to any flaws.  The detail on the figures is superb.  What if any flash that is on the figures can be easily removed.  Most of the flash is really just excess metal that is on the tip of guns and bases.  I haven't found any flash on the actual figures that would have to be filed down other than the bottom of the bases.

I have seen the SEM based 5 figures to a stand for infantry. 

If the SEM stand at 6 feet, the Ga-Ule Felinoids Infantry (Aliens that look cat like) are about 7 to 8 feet tall.  The Lizard looking aliens are roughly the same height as the humans, but are much bigger.  The SEM power armored troopers would stand about 6'5" to 6'8" tall.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Khursan Miniatures, Earthdoom 15mm Aranid APC

Here's a render of Khurasan Miniatures Earthdoom 15mm Aranid APC.  Looks very crab like. 

It's a grav vehicle, and has a large door in the back shaped to the unique morphology of the Aranae. The hull (around 100mm long) will be used for both the APC and the Aranid main battle tank (MBT).

This model will initially be released in 15mm, then 10mm and possibly 28mm as well.  I of course wouldn't mind seeing it in a 6mm version.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

DreamForge Games, Sturmtruppen Squads

Mark over at DreamForge Games has a bunch of pictures up of the new Sturmtruppen Squads.  I really like what I am seeing with these guys.  The plan is to have both 15mm & 28mm available.  The images below are 28mm figures.

These are multi-part metal minis. There are five standing/running leg poses and two kneeling leg poses. A total of seven weapons choices and the ability to choose what weapons to assemble with any leg set, as well as the ability to customize the pose by twisting the torso and heads.

For anyone who still plays Warzone, I am sure these would make great additions.

6mm Companies

Last night I got a little antsy and broke out a bunch of my 6mm Plasmablast Games figures.  Along with those were sprinkled in some Ground Zero Games 2mm Germy's Micro Minis walkers, Steel Crown Productions - Exodus Wars Khazari Raiders and Dark Realm Miniatures Kraytonian Infantry.

Critical Mass Games and Rebel Minis also make some rather cool walkers that could be used in 6mm gaming. 

Many gamers might not even realize that Ground Zero Games 2mm Germy's Micro Minis walkers look awesome in both 6mm and 15mm games.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Daemonscape, Terrain

Daemonscape has some rather cool 6mm terrain, but one of the standouts is a transport. 

Halo: Micro Ops Series 1, McFarlane Products

It appears that the fine folks at McFarlane Products are coming out this Fall with line of micro series  called the Halo: Micro Ops Series 1.  These look pretty cool.  They are also coming out with terrain.

ACP Games, Spacejacker

SpaceJacker has come up with an excellent paint scheme for some of APC Games miniatures. He calls this crew the 39th Gemini Orbital Rangers. Spacejacker got second place in the Ambush Alley Strike Force competition.  Check out many more of Spacejackers excellent painted figures on his blog the Tiny Solitary Soldiers.  He has lots of good painting tips.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

MicroPanzer Wargames Studio - Russian Heavy Combat Armor

Jeff Racel posted some great miniature comparisons of MicroPanzer Wargames Studio Russian Heavy Combat Armor troopers next to other 15/10mm vehicles from Rebel Minis, Critical Mass Games, Dream Pod 9 Heavy Gears and DLD.  Help Jeff get some cool swag from MicroPanzer Wargames Studio by buying a bunch of these suckers. :-)

Jeff posted some more great comparisons on TMP.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Microworld Games, Terran Expeditionary Forces

Steve at Microworld Games just came out with a new sci-fi army called the Terran Expeditionary Force (TEF).  All miniatures were sculpted by Steve “Coolhand” Tyler.

 Landhawk Scout Platoon (6) $8.00

 Dragonfly Gunship (3) $7.50

 Komodo Assault Tank Platoon (3) $12.00

 Land Transporter $9.50

 Scarab APC Platoon (3) $8.00

 TEF Standard Infantry (45) $7.50

TEF Specialist Infantry (45) $7.50