Friday, June 28, 2013

ACP Games Spartan MK3H

Looking for a kick butt 15mm hover tank, look no further than ACP Games new Spartan MK3H tanks.  Jimbo sent me one of these a while back and I have to say I really like the model.  Mine came in 2 variants.  Hover and tracked.  At first I was like the tracked is so cool and then changed my mind to the hover variant.  Now I am having trouble deciding which is better.  Both are excellent and use the same main hull, turret and gun.

DLD Productions To Resume Production

Looks like DLD Productions is going to start producing 15mm vehicles and little men too.  I have a few of the older vehicles and while communication was always sketchy, the vehicles were always top notch. 

" here's the "official" scuttlebutt.....yes...we are working on bringing DLD Productions back into the miniature gaming world. A couple of things to go over....the plan is this, to have all of the 15mm resin kits that we had/have in production, and convert them over to plastic injection kits.....several reasons for that move....the other is that we will be introducing our own game system for use with our vehicles.......PLUS our own line of troops based on our universe! So, the photos you see here are just the concept vehicles until we get them into plastic......yes....we are going to be doing a Kickstarter to get the ball rolling....please stay things progress, we will update this page and the official website when it is up and running again.

For now, however, we are concentrating on the 15mm this time.....we would love nothing more that to make the 25mm kits in plastic injection! But, one iron at a time hang out.....take a look at some of the pics.....and start figuring out your army lists!


Check out their facebook page for all the info.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Dawn: Rise of the Occulites

Well it's been quite some time since I posted.  Lots of stuff happened with me including getting Married in May.  You may ask, does she got "Game".  Well she does and she does like gaming, well at least occasionally.

Now on to the fun stuff

Recently the guys over at  Darwin Games and Ben Boersma launched a new Kickstarter called Dawn: Rise of the Occulites.  Being a owner of some of their miniatures, I can say this Kickstarter looks pretty slick.  So definitely go check them out.