Thursday, March 31, 2011

ArtCrime Productions, Valkyries

Here are some comparisons of the new ArtCrime Productions Valkyries.  The Valkyries are power suits and yes are operated by troopers and not robots.  It is a little hard to see in the picture, but the knee joints have space for feet in them, so it is like the trooper is walking on stilts.  I asked Jimbo about this and when he explained it to me it made sense.

 ArtCrime Productions Valkyrie
Critical Mass Games Protolene Ayame Scout
Rebel Minis Titan Mk.I HAMR Suit

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Catalyst Game Labs, Levianthans Pre-Productions

Here are some images of the upcoming Monsters In The Sky Leviathans.  I have been getting pretty excited about this game and it looks like it is one step closer to production.

HML Leviathan

Here is an image of the Mold used to produce the HML Leviathan

Monday, March 28, 2011

ArtCrime Productions, First Releases

Proud to present the first releases from ArtCrime Productions.  The figures are way better than I ever anticipated.  Jimbo and the rest of the crew did an amazing job.  Really like the look of this army.  The Jet bike has sort of that Star Wars storm trooper feel to it.

The figures were all cast in high grade pewter and look amazing.  The Valkyries come with 2 arms and a weapon, so you can make various poses.  People who might have thought the figures would be too big, will be very happy with the outcome.  The figures have loads of detail on them and were really well cast.

The initial prices for a squad are going to be the following
Valkyries - $20
Bulldogs - $15
Infantry - $20

There is also a rule set in the works and being play tested at present. 

ArtCrime Productions Infantry, Valkyries & Bulldog

Figures are from ArtCrime Productions, Khurasan Miniatures and Critical Mass Games

ArtCrime Productions, Federal Trooper

Here is a look at some of the new15mm Federal Troopers by ArtCrime Productions.  I should be getting a package today, so I will have some pictures to show later in the week.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Olleys Armies, Titan Scrunt

Bob Olley, one of my favorite scultors is going to be coming out with some more Scruntness called the Titan Scrunts.  I am thinking these would be great for say Spacehulk.


Ok so this is going to be really off topic.  Recently I took up the P90X challenge and did the program for 90 days.  P90X is a video workout program put out by BeachBody.  Tony Horton leads the series of P90X videos.  Each video concentrates on various muscle groups, by either strengthening or stretching them.  Each video builds on the next.  The videos are about 50-55 minutes in length, with one being 1.5 hours.  They also throw in what they refer as an ab ripper for 15 minutes 3 times a week.  The ab ripper totally destroyed me the first time I tried it.

I was pretty amazed by the results.  I was already in pretty good shape leading up to P90X, but the videos have a way of finding your weaknesses.  Mine was definitely flexibility.  The first 2 weeks were basically hell.  The workouts kicked my butt.  As weeks progressed, my body adapted and I was able to really start pushing the workouts.  At the beginning I could do 10-12 pull-ups, but by the end I was able to do 35.   You really have to stick with it, because for me, I saw my biggest gains in the last 4 weeks of the program.  My waistline went from 30-31 to a 28-29.  I don't know what my other measurements are/were, but I definitely lost body fat and gained some additional muscle.  Overweight friends that I know who have done the program, have lost a lot of weight and gained a new outlook on life.  It basically changed their lives.

Now I have done just about every sport imaginable from soccer as a little kid, to all sorts of martial arts, to Ironmans, to running 100 miles.  In my opinion, the P90X program is probably the best overall workout program I have ever done.  It makes it so easy.  Just pop in the tapes, do the workouts and you will see results.

As you know, the gaming world has quite a few rather large gamers.  That said, Obesity is definitely a problem with the non-gaming public as well.  If you are looking to change your life, become more fit and healthier, I hope you will check out my new website.

I started a website called ( that will talk about the BeachBody products (P90X, Shakeology...) and videos and workout related stuff.



Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Khurasan Miniatures, Spaceship Crew

Khurasan Miniatures has released a great looking spaceship crew for 15mm gaming in their 15mm Sci-Fi range lineup.  The captain, first officer and engineer are human, the security officer is a huge alien with a riot gun, and the fifth crewman is a servitor robot.

Upcoming Event, Small Gamers Unite (2mm - 10mm)

If you're in the UK area there is going to be an event that will include 2mm to 10mm gaming. 

Sunday August 14th 2011 from 10:00 to 17:00.

Lincombe Barn
Overndale Road
BS16 2RW

The emphasis is on 6mm, although as mentioned other scales will be there. You can find out more about it by going to

MicroPanzer Wargame Studio, Russian Heavy Armored

MicroPanzer Wargame Studio has some really great looking 3-D renders of the upcoming Russian Heavy Armored troopers.

The Light Assault Warbots are going to mailed out this this weekend as well the 15mm version, which is an all metal kit and the 32mm version is a mix the smaller parts are metal and the legs, body and turret are resin. 3 packs are 2 sets of standing legs and 1 running set of legs, 2 packs are one of each and single are standing -- If you want some other configuration include that in the message box on payment – MicroPanzer will be contacting those that pre-ordered this week to see what legs configuration they would like.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bronze Age Miniatures

Here are some new Sci-Troopers from Bronze Age Miniatures.  They are 32mm scale and were sculpted by David Soderquis.  They are having a special until March 28th.  

ArtCrime Productions, Bulldog Jetbike

Here is a photo of the ArtCrime Productions "Bulldog" Jetbike.   This is a brass master that is going to on the mold today.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Rebel Minis, Gila

Rebel Minis just released the "Gila", Earth Force ATV Buggy. The 15mm scale EF Buggy comes with 3 assault gun options. Sculpted by design master John Bear Ross. Painted by Jeff Racel!

The Earth Force "Gila" retails for $9.99

Friday, March 18, 2011

Microworld Games, Foundationist

Steve from Microworld Games sent a long a bunch of new sculpts for the 6mm Foundationists.

Some of the new units include the "Kazak" Light tank, "Kilgore Mk II" Superheavy Tank, Trout Missile Tank, Mobile Command Center (MCC), Foundationist Gunship and the Anti-Personnel Support vehicle.

Steve has a 2nd wave of Dino-Riders in the works, as well as a 3rd full army that should have the first wave of releases in the summer, with the second wave coming some months later. 

As you can see from the picture below, the Mobile Command Center (MCC) is huge.

 Figures used in comparison to the Mobile Command Center are from 
Steel Crown Production's Exodus Wars 6mm miniature line and 
PlasmaBlast Games 6mm miniature line.

Sapphire Wars, 32mm miniatures

Sapphire Wars will be small skirmish game using 32mm scale miniatures.

Sapphire Wars will be deadly fight between greedy corporations on a distant planet, not humanity fighting against aliens for survival.  It doesn't appear that humans will make an appearance in this world.

Time line for the rules and releases.

The release schedule should be early Fall 2011.  It will be good time to start heroic stories about small corporate squads on the far side of known space...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Looking to do a 15mm Gladiator game.  Rodrick Campbell and Joseph Byrd are sculpting and working on a game called Qwik.  Qwik is a game of Apocalyptic 15mm Gladiatorial Mayhem!

ArtCrime Productions, Infantry

Here is a shot of the upcoming 15mm infantry from ArtCrime Productions.  These look pretty amazing.

Black Hat Minaitures, Cobalt-1

Black Hat Miniatures has a bunch of greens up for there upcoming Cobalt-1 figure range.  The figures will be ready for release at the Salute show at Excel on April 16th.  Really like the look of the Power Suit figures.

Savage Worlds, Reaper Miniatures

Exciting news for all you Savage World fans out there! For the first time in 15 years, Pinnacle entertainment is releasing 28mm figures for Deadlands, and Reaper Miniatures is going to make them!

Shane Hensley, president of Pinnacle shares, "Deadlands is having a big year with lots of big surprises on the way, and one of the best is a great new partnership with Reaper! We're particularly excited that we're starting the line with incredible new sculpts of Deadlands' four servitors--Dr. Darius Hellstromme, Reverend Grimme, Raven, and the Weird West's deadliest undead gunslinger--Stone!"

Reaper Miniatures should have these ready in May, just in time for ReaperCon:

Officially Licensed Savage Worlds Miniatures

59001: Reverend Grimme $5.99
59002: Raven $5.99
59003: Dr. Darius Hellstromme $5.99
59004: Stone $5.99

All sculpted by the incomparable Bob Ridolfi.

Friday, March 11, 2011

ZandrisIV Miniatures, Upcoming Figures

Here are some images up upcoming releases from ZandrisIV Miniatures

(Back row, left to right: Stealth Light Cruiser, Stealth Heavy Cruiser, Stealth Carrier (Shoji Mk2), Nebula Heavy Cruiser; Front row, left to right: Diaspora Fighter, Diaspora Superheavy Bomber)

Concept art and initial work on a new battlesuit. A fusion of the Shirow-style design with some elements of Ma.K thrown in. It will come in less parts, and the main bulk of it will be in resin (or perhaps even all of it).

ArtCrime Productions, Release Schedule

Masters for ArtCrime Productions first release are winging there way to the hide-out. Here is a list of whats coming April 15th, in no certain order:

Nat001= nationalist infantry(18 figs)
Nat002=nationalist antitank infantry(15 figs)
Fed001=Federal infantry(18figs)
Fed002=Federalist antitank infantry(15 figs)
TC001=Valkyrie (squad of 3)
TC002=Antitank Valkyrie (squad of 3)
TC003=Support Valkyrie (squad of 3)
TC006=bulldog jetbikes (squad of 3) this may change to two squads...

Prices look like they will be about $15.00 per blister, this is a complete platoon in a blister. Barring metal cost increase we hope to be able to sustain this price for the forseable future. The figures will be cast in is pewter not dead-lead.....

Currently ArtCrime Productions can only take paypal, if you are interested in preordering some models please send your info to:

Monday, March 7, 2011

Steel Crown Productions, Edenite Walker Squad

Looking for some fantastic 6mm Robotic/Human Power Armor troopers?  Steel Crown Productions has come out with the Edenite Walker Squad for their Exodus Wars range.  These look awesome.  Each Pack contains: 12 Walker chassis, 12 Buzzsaw Arms, 12 Autocannon Arms, 12 Particle Cannon Arms, 12 Flamethrower Arms for £5.95.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Zombie Smith, Quar Chyweethl (Coftyran Light Tractor)

Here are some concepts of the Zombie Smith Quar Chyweethl (Coftyran Light Tractor).  It seems like a very fun little vehicle.  I could see other uses for it as well.

Mega Minis, Frontier Force

Mega Minis has re-released the Frontier Force that was sculpted by Bobby Jackson.  These are pretty nice for basic grunt troopers.  They sort of have that Starship Trooper feel to them.

Thursday, March 3, 2011