Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Khurasan Miniatures, Droid

Here is a picture of upcoming  Khurasan Miniatures enforcer droids.  Not sure when these will be available.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Darwin-Games, Rise of the Occulites

Here are some figure comparisons from Darwin Games Rise of the Occulites.  All the big tribe figures are quite heavy (not a bad thing) and are cast up really well.  There is a great amount of detail on the figures and they simply look amazing.  They will of course work well in both 28mm or 15mm settings.

Floris Leader, Palaudis Leader, Hydris Leader (30mm bases)

 These are the biggest miniatures base wise (40mm Bases)

  Floris, Hydris, and Palaudis tribe (Floris are the biggest and Palaudis are the smallest)

Ignis with 2 figures from Splinter Light Miniatures who will also be selling them.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Darwin-Games, Rise of the Occulites, Ignis Tribe

Here is the latest tribe for Darwin-Games Rise of the Occulites called the Ignis Tribe.  The figures have been moved up in the release schedule and will be available at the same time as the Nimbus.  A very welcomed late October release. 

These figures are just so fun, everyone should get at least one tribe.

The Ignis tribes are found living on or close to lava flats – sometimes even within the vicinity of volcanic activity. They use this terrain to separate themselves from other tribes, preferring to keep to themselves. Any incursions into their lands though are dealt with swiftly and harshly. Ignis tribes are covered in a thick, leathery skin, that takes on the appearance of molten rock. Cracks in this surface act as natural vents, allowing the build up of pressure and heat taken in from their surroundings, to be released. As such, these areas glow boldly with reds, yellows and oranges, warning predators and enemies that this tribe is not to be trifled with.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mad Robot Miniatures, Jump Troopers

Mad Robot Miniatures releases their 15mm Jump Troopers.  The pack contains 10 detailed figures, 5 in the air & 5 on the ground. Poses are random.  The TMC Jump Troopers retail for $7.00

Friday, October 21, 2011

Antenocitis Workshop, 15mm G.O.T. Vehicles

Antenocitis Workshop releases 3 15mm Sci-Fi G.O.T vehicles today.  They look absolutely amazing.  There is the NRF Skorpion Light Grav-Tank, NRF Kabardin APC - Anti-Tank Variant, and the NRF Kabardin APC - GP Variant.  Really like the Skorpion Grav-Tank, it sort of has a Steve Jackson Ogre feel to it.  Each vehicle retails for £6.50 including VAT, a little cheaper without VAT.  You can save some if you order more than 5 and free shipping if you order over $25.

The Skorpion was one of the very first mass-produced ‘Anti-Gravity’ AFVs produced within the Technosphere, however, technically it does not really use Anti-Gravity but rather the lower-tech’ ‘R-grav’: the heavy “skids” which typify this sort of vehicle being one of it prominent features.

The tank has a number of disadvantages and problems associated with it yet it has proven to be exceptionally popular in a multitude of roles and has typically replaced wheeled scout-vehicle in many Habitats, particularly where medium or heavy armoured vehicles are not present, or only in low numbers and it can offer itself as a good all-round AFV at a very reasonable price.

Black Hat Miniatures, Martian Empire Prussian Steam Tanks

Black Hat Miniatures has released some really nice looking Prussian Steam Tanks for their 18mm Martian Empires range.  These will also be available from Scale Creep Miniatures.

Light Steam Tank

Heavy Steam Tank

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Blue Moon Manufacturing, 15mm Sci-Fi Buildings

Blue Moon Manufacturing is almost ready to release a really nice set of 15mm Sci-Fi Buildings for their Galactic War I range. The buildings should be ready for release at Fall-In.  Not sure what the retail price will be for these yet.

Blue Moon Manufacturing also has a rule set called Galactic War I and it retails for $25.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bronze Age Miniatures, Sci-Fi Wolfmen

Bronze Age Miniatures have some rather exciting new Sci-Fi troops in the form of wolfmen.  Each 32mm figure is $7.  They are running a 30% off sale through the 29th of October.

DreamForge-Games, KickStarter, Project Eisenkern

DreamForge-Games has launched Project Eisenkern, a KickStarter campaign to produce a line of 32mm sci-fi figures.  The first set of miniatures have sort of a Warzone Bauhaus feel to them.

There are going to be 2 troop types produced for this campaign including the Sturmtruppen and the Kriegsmarine, which are medium troop choices for the Eisenkern faction.

The Sturmtruppen (Stormtroopers)are an elite fighting force for the Whermacht (regular army) equipped with composite armor they can withstand withering barges of fire that would wound or kill lesser armored troops. The Sturmtruppen’s main role is to secure and hold key military points and act as the armored fist of the Whermacht, grinding the opposition to dust.

The Kriegsmarine were created when the Imperial navy took to space. A merging of the Navy, Air force and Fallschirmjager, these are elite troops and medium troop choices for the Eisenkern faction. Typically assigned to planetary assault, they drop from low orbit with the use of their drop packs, a device that allows the trooper to fall at terminal velocity towards its target and stop just before impacting the planet’s surface.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Definance Games, Core Forces

Here is some intel on Defiance Games upcoming game.

We divide our sets into two categories - Core Forces and Edge Forces.

Core Forces are those that are associated with the major powers of the Alien War universe. Edge Forces are supplemental sets that add flavor to the universe but don't necessarily warrant a full army.

For example, when we introduce a Core Force like the venerable United States Marine Corps, we will outline the plan for the follow-on sets in that Force over the next weeks and months. So with the USMC you'll have infantry followed closely by power armor (what we call hardsuits), then female Marines, and then heavy weapons. Over time, we will continue to add to those Core Forces with supplemental sets, vehicles, etc. - all in hard plastic. Core Forces will always be treated in this fashion so that you know what's coming and when to flesh out your army.

Edge Forces will represent a unit or small Force that can be done in one or two sets that we really believe should come to life to enhance the Alien War setting. For example, this might be a special operations unit within one of the lesser powers in the game, a "civilian" set, one of the native alien races, or an interesting vehicle that might not fit under the umbrella of a Core Force. Given the dynamic nature of alliances and multi-sided battles within the setting, these Edge sets may be used as auxiliaries with your army or just as small armies in games you play. These sets may never be followed by additional sets for that Force...but wait, that's not necessarily true...

In some cases, there may be a desire on the part of the community to enhance an existing Edge Force with additional sets. We'll always be open to doing this if enough people are behind it. For example, one of our first Edge Force sets are the Valkyries - hardsuit wearing, all-female elite special operations troops of the Nordic Federation. The Nordic Federation "may" become a Core Force over time, but we don't have a specific plan for that at present. We do think the set will be a fun one and add a lot of flavor to the game. If enough of you are interested in expanding the NF into a full Core Force, we can do that.

The division between Core and Edge Forces will give us the ability to launch some really fun "extra" sets while allowing you to have the confidence that a Force you begin to build will be fully realized if it's a Core one. We hope you like this approach to releases!

Friday, October 7, 2011

ArtCrime Productions, Mercs

Here are some pictures of some very cool Mercs by ArtCrime Productions.  Currently these are not for sale.  They are a little bit bigger than the current line of figures due to the extra armor. Really like the look of these.  The Heavy gunner is the biggest of the bunch, but what do you expect when you need to lug around a big weapon.

The figures should be available October 31, retail, for 6 figs perfect for Gruntz, is $8.00. 2 assault rifles, 2 shotguns, 1 antitank laser, 1 squad support machine gun! There might even be a Christmas special with them. Wait to see!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Review of the Dawn – Rise of the Occulites

Here is a video that gives you an overview of the Dawn – Rise of the Occulites

ArtCrime Productions, Makat

Well Jimbo over at ArtCrime Productions (ACP Games) is be very busy of late. 

Here are some pictures of an upcoming race known as the Makat

Monday, October 3, 2011

Defiance Games

There is a new set of 28mm plastic figures being worked on from a company called Defiance Games. The website is down at the moment, but it should be back up within the next few days.  Looks very interesting.  There are what looks like US troopers, German troopers and bugs.  Don't really know the story line, but maybe when the website is back up, it will be there.