Monday, October 17, 2011

DreamForge-Games, KickStarter, Project Eisenkern

DreamForge-Games has launched Project Eisenkern, a KickStarter campaign to produce a line of 32mm sci-fi figures.  The first set of miniatures have sort of a Warzone Bauhaus feel to them.

There are going to be 2 troop types produced for this campaign including the Sturmtruppen and the Kriegsmarine, which are medium troop choices for the Eisenkern faction.

The Sturmtruppen (Stormtroopers)are an elite fighting force for the Whermacht (regular army) equipped with composite armor they can withstand withering barges of fire that would wound or kill lesser armored troops. The Sturmtruppen’s main role is to secure and hold key military points and act as the armored fist of the Whermacht, grinding the opposition to dust.

The Kriegsmarine were created when the Imperial navy took to space. A merging of the Navy, Air force and Fallschirmjager, these are elite troops and medium troop choices for the Eisenkern faction. Typically assigned to planetary assault, they drop from low orbit with the use of their drop packs, a device that allows the trooper to fall at terminal velocity towards its target and stop just before impacting the planet’s surface.

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