Friday, October 21, 2011

Antenocitis Workshop, 15mm G.O.T. Vehicles

Antenocitis Workshop releases 3 15mm Sci-Fi G.O.T vehicles today.  They look absolutely amazing.  There is the NRF Skorpion Light Grav-Tank, NRF Kabardin APC - Anti-Tank Variant, and the NRF Kabardin APC - GP Variant.  Really like the Skorpion Grav-Tank, it sort of has a Steve Jackson Ogre feel to it.  Each vehicle retails for £6.50 including VAT, a little cheaper without VAT.  You can save some if you order more than 5 and free shipping if you order over $25.

The Skorpion was one of the very first mass-produced ‘Anti-Gravity’ AFVs produced within the Technosphere, however, technically it does not really use Anti-Gravity but rather the lower-tech’ ‘R-grav’: the heavy “skids” which typify this sort of vehicle being one of it prominent features.

The tank has a number of disadvantages and problems associated with it yet it has proven to be exceptionally popular in a multitude of roles and has typically replaced wheeled scout-vehicle in many Habitats, particularly where medium or heavy armoured vehicles are not present, or only in low numbers and it can offer itself as a good all-round AFV at a very reasonable price.

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