Friday, November 30, 2012

KickStarter Terrain

If you're wanting to spice up your tabletop gaming you might be interested in a new KickStarter that is trying to raise money for terrain building.  Allan Swan, a friend of mine here in Austin is running the show. 

Allen calls the process 2.8D Laser Wargaming Terrain.  By burning the texture at different depths the textures will come out with a more realistic feel.  By painting, washing and drybrushing you can see the depth and curves that come with stone and brick.

Find out more about Allan's KickStarter.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

FASA Kickstarter 1879

Looks like FASA is jumping into the KickStarter water with their 1879 game.  The KickStarter project is part miniatures, part steampunk, part app, and part role play.  It is good to see FASA start to expand their aging line.

Their Goal level is pretty steep 325K, but there are a lot of low pledge levels to select from.  The figures are going to be produced in 15mm scale, which I really enjoy and seems like a perfect scale choice for this project.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Incursion Miniatures

"You want a piece of me!" Here are some GrindHouse Games Incursion miniatures that I saw at MillenniumCon this year.  The pictures don't do the paint jobs or miniatures justice.

Army Armies - KickStarter

I really like KickStarter, which often really helps small gaming companies get the funding to ramp up production and release cool products.

Keith Armstrong from Army Armies is currently running a KickStarter for his 15mm scifi future war neo-british-miniature line.

He is very close to the goal of £1,750 with 16 days to go.  If you are into 15mm Sci-fi, you should definitely check this out.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Incursion Grindhouse Games

I had a chance to play the board game called Incursion at Millennium Con.  The guys at Grindhouse Games were there and they were nice enough to give me a sample game to review and play. 

Incursion is a board game where the Allies are pitted against the Axis in a Space Hulk/Legions of Steel type environment.   The Germans have developed the ability to control the dead, turning them against the allies.  The game setting is based on an alternate WWII setting where the war rages on past 1945. 

The board game itself comes with everything you need to play including a rule book, a 2 sided game board, deck of model and battle cards, die cut counters, doors and character stand-ups and dice.  The game utilizes action points that are used for movement and to perform actions.  It also employs command points that are used to boost initiative and allow additional actions to be performed.  The rules section is only 8 pages, so it is a very quick read.  The rest of the rule book is devoted to force selection, which includes special rules and missions.

Incursion also includes a 2 sided quick reference sheet and dice.  The board game and pieces are high quality with great graphics.  Each trooper has both a front and rear image to indicate movement and fire direction.  There are all sorts of markers and doors that are used throughout game play.

Just like Space Hulk and Legions Of Steel, this game is a lot of fun.  I really like the mechanics and the cards really spice things up.  Just when you think your a goner, that perfect card pops up that allows you to triumph over the evil Axis or Allies depending on who your enemy is.

After you play a few times, you will probably want to replace the cardboard cutouts with real miniatures.  Luckily, Grindhouse Games doesn't disappoint.

The Allies have some sweet troops in full power armor.  The Axis have hoards of Zombies to throw at the Allies and other creatures too evil to mention.  In some scenarios, the Allies are really out numbered, so they must rely on their superior firepower and heavy armor to survive.

The miniatures are pricey.  A full set of 6 power armored troopers will set you back $70.  If you can afford it though, the figures are outstanding and have tons of character.  The Axis starter set is also $70.  For that you will get 12 figures, which include all the Axis baddies.  The troopers can also be purchase separately, but buying the starter sets will save you some money in the long run.

As I write this, I can not help but think that Clockwork Goblin Miniatures needs to get together with Grindhouse Games to make a 15mm version of the game.

Age Of Tyrants - Junkers

Here are some early concepts for Urban Mammoth's Age of Tyrants Junkers.  I think this game is going to be a winner.  The concepts IMO aren't as nice as the Viridians, but this is 6mm, so they certainly are pretty darn good as is.  I haven't seen if they modified these or not.  The final versions may look much different.  Based on what I have seen for the Viridians thus far, these may well change.

Darkest Star Games

Here are some more shots for the Darkest Star Games range of figures.

15mm scifi figs sculpted by Bob Naismith, what's not to like!

Check them out at

Below is the Magravate Militia (Troopers on Foot) and the Zonii Warriors (On Monsterback). :-)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Khurasan Miniatures - Species 84

Here are some wickedly cool miniatures from Khurasan Miniatures called "Species 84".  They were sculpted by Black Crab Sculpting, painted by Kevin Dallimore (Awesome!!).

Not sure what the release date is.  They are going to have transdimensional allies the Celestial Mariners, soldier drones (Arrowhead warbots), and vehicle (Antares).

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Clockwork Goblin Miniatures

Here are some more upcoming 15mm walkers from Clockwork Goblin Miniatures.  The light walker freaks me out a bit.  Not sure why, maybe it looks like some sort of weird half human half walker thing.

Urban Mammoth - Age of Tyrants

Well John from Urban Mammoth is at it again with some really amazing 6mm figures for their upcoming game Age of Tyrants  The figures look pretty amazing at that scale.  Can not wait to see how the mechanics work.  I think this game is going to be a winner.

Darkest Star Games

I attended Millennium Con in Round Rock Texas this past weekend. It was a little disappointing to see that 2 manufactures I had hoped would be there, backed out prior to the event. What was rather nice to have a chance to check out was Darkest Star Games new line of 15mm figures.

15mm scifi figs sculpted by Bob Naismith, what's not to like!

Check them out at

Magravate Militia
Star Marauders
Zonii Warriors