Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dream Pod 9, Gear UP Magazine, Issue 3

A new Issue of Gear Up Magazine is now available.

Medics are on the way!  With the new HHT-90 Overlord model hitting the shelves, the staff at Gear UP decided that the players would need some help in combating the monster vehicle. With the third installment of the magazine, the Fall issue of Gear UP brings a landship's worth of material to our readership. Inside this issue, you'll find second edition RPG and Blitz! materials the Boa and Gladiator, Arena miniatures releases.  We've included a new regular article called Terra Nova Terraformer, which showcases the talents of our in-house terrain artists as they show you how to build the terrain you see in our books.  Paul Workoff kicks it off with his tutorial on building terrain for your own arena in our latest game release, Heavy Gear Arena.

Our fieldtesting for this issue includes new rules for damage in Blitz! as well as rules for fielding the fantastic HHT-90 model.  Continuing with our medic unit showcased in the last issue, the release of the new Caiman model means the South gets a new combat group to add to their army list, but not to leave Peace River and PAK in the cold, we've also included new combat groups for them as well.

And we don't stop there! Interviews, more Prime Knight action, and a massive article covering the hidden wars fought by the black ops organizations on Terra Nova.

Head over to the DriveThruRPG site at the following link to down load your free copy now.

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