Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Baueda Games, 15mm bases

Baueda Wargames has released some really cool 15mm bases perfect for Flames of War or Alien Squad Leader.

There are four different 4 holes Infantry scenic bases (urban) each 50mm wide by 32mm deep (2" x 11/4").   The bases are cast in tough polyurethane resin and beautifully sculpted to accommodate four 15mm figures. While the bases from Battlefront are effectively flat these are approximately 2mm thick and on top of that there is textured terrain and details added. As a consequence you can easily pick these bases up from the edges, meaning that you’ll never have to grab the figures themselves anymore! Designed to be fully compatible with Flames of War standard basing, the surface include ruined buildings rubble and all sort of improvised repairs that troops will naturally look for and use for cover while moving.  Supplied unpainted.

Baueda Wargames has a nice selection of other 15mm bases.  Here is a set of command bases.

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