Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Soda Pop Miniatures, Super Dungeon Explore, Kobold Knucklehead

Soda Pop Miniatures has released some images of the upcoming Kobold Knuckelhead figure for the upcoming Super Dungeon Explore game.  I saw some of these figures at Gen Con and really liked them.  Lots of character.  The figures at Gen Con were pre-productions and made out of metal.  I was told at that time, the production models might be plastics and be a little smaller.

"The Knucklehead's prowess in combat may appear meager at first glance. Wise Heroes do well not to underestimate them. Their high Movement enables them to quickly horde a Hero and make use of their potent Mob ability. Combined with their static Armor of 1, Knuckleheads can be a surprisingly resilient and deadly foe."

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