Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hydra Miniatures Robots

Found a rather nice blog called Laughing Ferret.  If you want to see gorgeous figures with great paint jobs, definitely check it out.

The figures below are from and have an absolutely killer retro color scheme that Laughing Ferret brought to life.  Think of 1950's colors that make these figures pop. 

Any suggestions on how to come close to this green/blue color?

Optio (squad leader), Robot Legionnaire and Centurion-standing

Monday, January 26, 2015

Killer-B Games, Star Patrol

When you need robots in a really bad way, who ya gonna call...the Star Patrol of course. Killer-B Games has some fun and fantastic robots for their GAFDOZ line of figures in the Star Patrol range.

Killer B's GAFDOZ range of figures are just too cool and will work in just about any pulp or sci-fi setting. 

Craig Rowllings sent me 2 the robots he has for his Star Patrol and I really like them.  The metal is clean and any excess flash was easily removed.  You can either glue these or pin them.  I prefer to pin them for additional support.

Boo stands about 45mm tall and VIR7 is about 35mm tall.  Boo retails for £4.00 and VIR7 retails for £6.00.  VIR7 also comes with a big tracked sport vehicle and shovel.

Definitely support Craig with some purchases.  You will love the figures and have a ton of adventures using them.

Killer-B Games, Lost Legion

If you're looking for some killer Pulp Fiction Sci-Fi, then check out Killer-B Games.    I have a bunch of the Killer-B Game miniature line and really like them.  The quality of the casting is top notch.  Many of the GAFDOZ line were sculpted by Bob Olley.

These guys were painted by

Dick Garrison Miniatures

If you like Killer B Games figures you will also like a bunch of the Dick Garrison lines of figures.

The figures can be found at Wargames Supply Dump and there is a blog out there called Dick Garrison.  The figures have a sort of Flash Gordon feel to them.

There was a ruleset released called Dick Garrison Rapid Launch"Dick Garrison Rapid Launch is a stripped down but fully functioning version of our forthcoming The Amazing Interplanetary Adventures of Dick Garrison, Pulp SF wargames rules for 28mm scale miniatures."  I am not sure if the The Amazing Interplanetary Adventures of Dick Garrison was ever published.

Killer B Games Comparisons

Craig send out some more Killer B Games figures for me to have a look at.  First up are some rather cool Lost Legion Troopers.  Included in the mix are other figures from Killer B and a few fun figures from the Dick Garrison (Wargames Supply Dump) line.

For the most part the Killer B Games figures match up really well next to the Dick Garrison line.  The DG heads are smaller and they are a little less bulky.  That said, you can easily use both and they would complement each other nicely. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Brains...Brains...Brains Oh and Robots

Bombshell Miniatures is coming out with some pulpy robots with Brains.  Not sure when the release date is on these, but they look very cool.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Olley's Armies - Scrunts

Just pick up a wickedly cool set of Bob Olley Scrunt figures.  Should be arriving sometime in the next 2 weeks.

If you think these look really cool, you might want to check out Stephan's blog or email him (

Stephan does commission work, so if you have figures you want painted up, you will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

One Page Rules

I found a rather cool site called One Page Rules.  If you like 40K, Kill Team and other rules, but found that reading rule books too lengthy, check these guys out.  They have boiled down the basic rules into a single page.

The format is really nice, easy to read and will get you gaming fast.