Monday, January 26, 2015

Dick Garrison Miniatures

If you like Killer B Games figures you will also like a bunch of the Dick Garrison lines of figures.

The figures can be found at Wargames Supply Dump and there is a blog out there called Dick Garrison.  The figures have a sort of Flash Gordon feel to them.

There was a ruleset released called Dick Garrison Rapid Launch"Dick Garrison Rapid Launch is a stripped down but fully functioning version of our forthcoming The Amazing Interplanetary Adventures of Dick Garrison, Pulp SF wargames rules for 28mm scale miniatures."  I am not sure if the The Amazing Interplanetary Adventures of Dick Garrison was ever published.


  1. Wait, so what miniatures did the game use? Those are amazing! I can't seem to find them from the links provided.

  2. If you happen to know please reply--much appreciated!

  3. They were used for Dick-Garrison-Rapid-Launch, but realistically they could be used for any Sci-Fi Pulp game.