Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Troublemaker Games

I received a ton of figures from Troublemaker Games to review and the quality is top notch.  Almost zero flash, with clean detailed sculpts.

For those who love Epic (6mm scale), Troublemaker Games is a great resource.  The infantry for the most part fits nicely in with GW Epic.  The Skinnerz tend to be a good head taller than the GW Epic Ork infantry, but there are some really cool heavy armored troops that work perfectly as leaders.

Troublemaker Games also designs rules. Their first game, Timeline 300, is a 10mm scale Steampunk wargame with a resource management system.

As you can see below, the Troublemaker vehicles are much bigger than their equivalent GW Epic Space Marine counterparts, but should fit in nicely with GW Imperial Guard heavy tanks and vehicles. 

 Novan Super Heavy Tank, GW Landraider
 Novan Rorqual, Novan Super Heavy Tank, GW Landraider, GW Rhino, Novan Galdstonian, Novan Avenger
  Novan Super Heavy Tank,  GW Landraider, Novan Gladstonian
  Novan Super Heavy Tank, GW Landraider
 GW Rhino, Novan Galdstonian
 GW Rhino, Novan Avenger
 Cyber Shadows

  Cyber Shadows Specialist
 Cyber Shadows Heavy Cyborgs