Monday, November 24, 2014

Kill Team, Games Workshop

I am not a big fan of 40K or GW for numerous reasons including costs, constantly changing rules for marketing purposes, dropping gaming systems, fanboys and IMO stupid game play.  I do like the fluff and many of the models, but I often just buy on the used market rather than pay full retail. 

A really cool game to come out of the 40K universe is called Kill Team.  It "is a fan-made unofficial expansion to Warhammer 40,000 that allows you to fight more intimate, more narrative driven games of Warhammer 40,000.   Instead of fighting across vast battlefields controlling armies of hundreds of troops, you take control of a small task force with a handful of men."

A cool blog to checkout is Heralds Of RuinThey have all the rules for Kill Team, Army lists and everything else one needs to play the game, well except the models.

I have decided to try and go old school and pick up a bunch of Rogue Trader Orks for a Kill Team.  The figures have a ton of character and many just look plain silly, but they have something about them that the current 40K figures don't.  Right now I have 3 of these Ork bosses and like to pick up a few more to round out the team.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Epic Armageddon

I have been in the Epic mode of late building an Orkish Epic army. 

Epic is officially OOP (Stupid Decision), but that doesn't stop loads of people from playing.  For those that haven't tried Games Workshop Epic or for those that haven't played in a while, you might want to check these links out. 

Epic Armageddon Compendium - This is the latest version of the rules and has army lists for the 40K universe.

Net Epic Army Compendium Calculator - This site has a great free army calculator for building out your Epic armies.

Epic Army Cards - These cards really help you know what the unit looks like and what it can do.  Very useful.

Epic Collectors Guide - Has a ton of images of all the Epic models produced.

Tactical Command - Fantastic Forum for all things Epic.

Here are places to find GW Epic Stuff
Tactical Command

Here are some great sites for finding alternative Epic sculpts

Onslaught Miniatures - Lots of alternative Epic figures.
Steel Crown Productions - Good site for alternative Epic.
Troublemaker Games - Great alternative Epic figures.

Now for those that have Supa Stompas, Steam Gargants laying around and don't know what to do with them, send them my way.

Epic Supa Stompa

Epic Steam Gargant

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

15mm Steampunk - Victorian Sci-FI - Martian Wars

This past weekend I attended a convention here in Austin called Millennium Con.  On Sunday the do a flea market and I was there selling off various miniatures.  A friend of mine was at the table next to me selling his stuff.  Near the end of the flea market, he had a few items that weren't sold, so gave them to me.  Very cool by the way. 

One of the items was a set of 15mm figures from Highlander Studios Inc.  These were not just good sculpts, but absolutely amazing sculpts.

These guys got my Victorian Sci-Fi juices flowing. I already had a large collection of Martian Walkers, so I wanted to see what cool steam tanks these guys could use. I found 2 really good steam tanks

Black Hat Miniatures Prussian Heavy Steam Tank

Spartan Games Tankette