Tuesday, November 11, 2014

15mm Steampunk - Victorian Sci-FI - Martian Wars

This past weekend I attended a convention here in Austin called Millennium Con.  On Sunday the do a flea market and I was there selling off various miniatures.  A friend of mine was at the table next to me selling his stuff.  Near the end of the flea market, he had a few items that weren't sold, so gave them to me.  Very cool by the way. 

One of the items was a set of 15mm figures from Highlander Studios Inc.  These were not just good sculpts, but absolutely amazing sculpts.

These guys got my Victorian Sci-Fi juices flowing. I already had a large collection of Martian Walkers, so I wanted to see what cool steam tanks these guys could use. I found 2 really good steam tanks

Black Hat Miniatures Prussian Heavy Steam Tank

Spartan Games Tankette

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