Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ramshackle Games, Post Apocalyptic

If you are in the market for 28mm post apocalyptic vehicles, Ramshackle Games might be just the ticket.  They look to have an extensive selection of vehicles to choose from.  The vehicle prices seem really reasonable.

Dream Pod 9, Heavy Gear Blitz, September Releases

In September, Dream Pod 9 will be releasing the really cool Badlands Leagueless faction.  In the vast Badlands of Terra Nova, people are caught between two superpowers (North and South) bent on dominating the planet.

Barnaby and Sandrider Squad Pack (DP9-9207)
3 Barnaby riding beasts & Sandrider Infantry in Resin, 3 hex bases, $TBA

Sandrider Infantry Platoon (DP9-9206)
40 Infantry, 12 hex bases and datacard, $TBA

Zombie Smith, Crusader, Troopers

Zombie Smith has just released a bunch of new Crusader troopers for their 15mm Quar lineup.  The new troops include Infantry Officers, LMG Teams, Mortar Teams and Pack Cadier.

Crusader: Infantry Officers Pk. 2 (15mm)

Crusader: LMG Teams (15mm)

Crusader: Mortar Teams (15mm)

Crusader: Pack Cadier (15mm)

Zombie Smith, Crusader, Baeliog Armored Gun Tractor

Well it looks like the Zombie Smith Quar finally have some heavy hitting power in the form of the Crusader: Baeliog Armored Gun Tractor (15mm).  The Crusader retails for $12.50. 

The Crusader kit includes a 15mm scaled Baeliog, half-tanker, and a dismounted tanker having his morning cup of joe.  The hull is resin and may require a little sanding and filling.  All of the other parts are pewter.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Khuasan Miniatures, Felid Lion Transport

Khurasan Miniatures recently released the Felid Lion Transport.  This is a pretty cool vehicle in that it is pretty generic, so it could be used for various 15mm armies.  It retails for $12.99, which seems like a very reasonable price for what you get.

Khurasan Miniatures, Jellina and Lily6

Your eyes aren't deceiving you.  These are 15mm figures from Khurasan Miniatures.  Below are Overlord Jellina Jo-eli and Lily6 villians from the Sepulvedan Control Forces.

Overlord Jellina Jo-eli I painted by Jennifer Haley.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dream Pod 9, Flails

Dream Pod 9 Flails are the perfect figures for 15mm robots or small 28mm bots.  Of course they are also a great unit in Heavy Gear Blitz.  The Flail box set retails for $24.95.

Michael Lovejoy, 15mm Shock Trooper

It appears Michale Lovejoy has been a little busy lately working on a 15mm Shock Trooper sculpt.  Hopefully these will be produced at some point.  He says he is planning a full range, plus a dropship, VTOL air support and some drop pods.

Khurasan Miniatures, Ursids

Khurasan Miniatures will be releasing a fun set of figures called the Ursids.  The Ursids use heavy fusion guns that are powerful enough to penetrate a tank's armor. They serve as mercenaries for hire.  They should be available soon.

I really like the look of the fusion guns.  These figures are just plain fun.  They stand about 18mm, so they are on the big side of 15mm.

AT-43, Version 2 Rules

I have heard rumors of a new version (V2) of AT-43 coming out this fall/winter (Oct-Dec).  There isn't much news on this though.  Below is a fantastic comic from http://www.at43comic.com  The author has produced a bunch of these.  Love his style.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Barking Irons

If you haven't read the Barking Irons blog, it is worth a look for finding out about the goings on for

Dream Pod 9, Heavy Gear Blitz, Badger

Here is what you get in the Dream Pod 9 Heavy Gear Blitz Badger set.  I saw the Badger at Gen Con and really liked the look of the model. The Badger APC comes with customization parts to upgrade it to either a Cavalry Badger, Rabid Badger or Medevac Badger plus datacard.

Dream Pod 9, Art of Heavy Gear Volume 3

Dream Pod 9 just released the Art of Heavy Gear Volume 3.  You can download a copy from Drive Thru RPG ($22).  The Art of Heavy Gear Volume 3 is 220 pages long with 452 pieces of artwork and descriptions. Including Cover Art, Settings, Characters, Action Scenes, Vehicles, Fauna and Transitions. The artwork has been saved at 150 dpi with the high quality setting used for compression.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Antenocitis Workshop, 6mm APC Renders

Here are some Antenocitis Workshop renders of the Tracked and GEV versions of the APCs for 6mm gaming…..  These are elements of the UKs (United Kingdoms) RTR ground forces….

Dream Pod 9, Gear Up Magazine, Issue 2

If you haven't had a chance to read Gear Up "The Official Dream Pod 9 Magazine" it is well worth a read. As an added bonus it is free from Drive Thru RPG.  Inside you will find some great articles on Heavy Gears RPG, Blitz Drop Bear Dive, plus new and upcoming releases.

Mantic Games, Holiday Sale

Mantic Games is having a holiday Sale.

Valid Friday 27th until midnight (GMT) Monday 30th of August.
To claim free shipping use the code - HOLIDAY001

#10 - Karate Kid Part 2

parts and labour #10 Karate Kid Revisited part 2
And what about Mr. Miyagi? What kind of extremist fighter was he trying to train?

Hydra Miniatures, War Rocket, Class 1 & 2 Ships

Here are some closeups of Hydra Miniatures War Rocket class 1 & 2 ship miniatures.  The digital sculptors for these are Phil Beauchamp and Steve Meli.  Having seen these figures up close, Hydra Miniatures has done an outstanding job in both quality and casting.  The figures I received had little to no flash and are a joy to look at.  If your into pulp sci-fi War Rocket figures will be a must have.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dream Pod 9 - Klemm & Hun light tanks

This past May Dream Pod 9 released two new light tanks to the Heavy Gear Blitz lineup called the Klemm Light Tank (Northern) & Hun Light Tank (Southern).  Both tanks are resin and come in a two tank box set for ($41.95). 

The Klemm Light tank kit will allow you to customization parts to make several common variants (Bandit Hunter Klemm, Tyburr, Jaxon or Stormhammer).

 The Hun Light tank kit will allow you to customization parts to make (Hittite, Ballista or Recon Hun).

Hydra Miniatures - War Rocket - Class 3 Ships

Hydra Miniatures released their brand new ruleset War Rocket at Gen Con.  They also released some larger class 3 ships including the Valkeeri, Galacteer and Zenithian.

Hanger 18 FASA- Flash Gordon

I recently became aware of a cool site called Hanger 18 FASA that sells Flash Gordon ships and terrain that would be perfect for Hydra Miniature's War Rocket game.

Dream Pod 9 - Heavy Gear Blitz - Quickstart Rules

We ran a game of Dream Pod 9's Heavy Gear Blitz last night and a few people wanted to know where to find the Heavy Gear Blitz Quickstart Rules.  DP9 also has produced a nice Quick Reference Sheet for easy reference.  They also have a Quick Reference for Army Building.  We didn't exactly do everything correctly during our game, but found the mechanics really fun and quite interesting.

There are a lot of modifiers that effect your chances to hit including unit rating, weapon modifiers, range modifiers, speed modifiers, defending unit rating and defending player speed modifiers.  It sounds like a lot, but once you get the hang of it, the game flows nicely.  If you do score a hit then you apply your weapon damage times the amount you beat your opponent by.  If the damage amount is over your targets armor rating, you start applying hits.  Depending on how much the damage is, more hits can be applied.  Most vehicles and Gears can withstand 3-4 hits before being destroyed.  The more hits a vehicle or gear has on it, the less effective it is in battle and the easier it is to take out.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Battlefoam - P.A.C.K. 216

At Gen Con I was presented with a really nice Battlefoam case for paints and brushes called P.A.C.K. (Personal Army Combat Kit) 216.  The P.A.C.K. 216 includes a zipper on the bottom to allow attachment to the P.A.C.K. 1520 XL. It was also designed for airport travel and meets all FAA regulations for carry-on luggage.

Bag Dimensions - 16W X 12L X 4H  (Price: $85.00)

A fully equipped bag comes with 2 paint trays, a hobby tool tray (bf-1) and a ton of paint brush holders.  Trays have been created for P3, GW and Vallejo type bottles.  It is really convenient to be able to travel with all your paints, tools and brushes, without having to worry about them bumping around and breaking.  I especially like the hobby tool tray.  It holds everything needed for slicing and dicing my figures.  The paint trays keep the paint pots in place without having to worry about bottles opening up accidentally.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Khurasan Miniatures - Deathroids

Khurasan Miniatures will soon be releasing the 15mm Deathroids for the planet 15 range.  Oh noooo.....  "hideous shriveled creatures encased in heavy armoured anti-grav shells who crave nothing but the destruction of all life. They must remain forever inside their personal body armour or their bodies turn inside out … And explode."

These pitiless units, floating low over the ground, their mechani-feelers clanking as they drag along the surface, will be sold in packs with four bodies, four Blasroid gunturret heads, and one Overroid head.
Blasroid and Overroid

Dream Pod 9 - Heavy Gear Blitz - Northern Badger

Dream Pod 9 recently released a really nice model for their Heavy Gear Blitz line called the Badger for the Northern alliance.  The Badger has 4 configurations depending on what is needed including Standard, Rabid, Cavalry and Medevac. 

Adventure Terrain - 15mm Dirt Road Set

Adventure Terrain has come out with a really cool 15mm Dirt Road Set.  The connectors for each piece are not visible once the pieces are snapped together so you don't even see them.  The future plans are to release paved roads as well as cobbled sections.  The set retails for $60.00 and comes with the following.

9x 6" straight
3x 3" staright
2x Curves
1x Cross Roads
1x "Y"
1x "T"
2x Straight with off shoot
2x Male connectors
2x Female connectors
2x Male endcapes
2x Female endcaps

Micro Art Studio - Foam Canals

Micro Art Studio has some really nice terrain in their Battlefield Hardfoam Terrain.  One of their offerings is the Canal set.  The set comes unpainted and the Canal is approx. 13cm[5"] wide and approx. 3,5 cm[1,5"] high. The set consists of: 1 x long straight section 2 x turn section 1 x short straight section 1 x canal start 1 x canal end