Monday, November 27, 2017

Christmas 28mm Miniatures

For the last 10 or so years I have been collecting miniatures for a Christmas game that has yet to be played.  Earlier this month I scored a huge Chaos Dwarf army that was painted.  I got it for $250.  The cool part was the painted figures replaced all the unpainted Chaos Dwarfs I had collected over the years.  I was able to sell 5 lots of them on Ebay for $260, meaning I got a fantastic painted army for free. :-)

Now I am on the hunt for some Nutcracker figures that would work with all the other figures I have collected.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

True Scale Space Marines | Primaris

GW finally came out with true Scale Space Marines known as Primaris.  The Primaris marines are much taller than their previous space marine counterparts and look fantastic next to Imperial troopers where they tower over them.  I believe the Space Marines were supposed to be around 7 feet tall, so now they look the part.

Miniatures by painted by Ninjabread

The downside to the Primaris is the fact that they are now considered (At least by GW) to be too big to fit into a Rhino for transport and too big for the Land Raider.  That doesn't make much sense because Terminators can ride in them and they are way bulkier than the Primaris troopers at present.

At least right now you will have to purchase a Primaris Repulser to move these guys around the battle field.  At $80 a pop that doesn't come cheap.