Monday, January 31, 2011

ArtCrime Productions, Bulldog Jetbike

Here is a look at ArtCrime Productions Bulldog Jetbike.

We Have Issues Publishing, Zyn Vaded

I recently received a whole bunch of ZynVaded! figures from John over at We Have Issues! Publishing.   The figures come as one piece with an integrated lipped base.  The figures are made out of resin and come in various colors depending on the type of figure and faction.

The concept of the game is awesome.  Basically you can play the game anywhere you want.  Since the game is at 1 to 1 scale, a soft drink can/bottle or book or stapler can be used as terrain.

The Zyn, are an inch-high, insectile alien race determined to conquer earth.  Currently you can choose to play as either the Kyll’al, the militant arm of the alien invasion or the Sav’m, the rebellious faction looking to halt the invasion.

Coming this August there will be an even deadlier threat in the form of Zombies (Zed-Bugz and Zed-Grubz) in a game called "Don't Let The Zed-Bugz Bite!"

All the original figures from the game have been re-sculpted so as to not infringe on any copy write issues. The new designs also improved the thickness of certain weapons making them much less prone to breakage.

Friday, January 28, 2011

InstantMold, CoolMiniOrNot

Here is a cool product called InstantMold.  You can make you own bits!   With this stuff you can transfer parts from one miniature to another, or create cool looking bases by using various textures.

Instant Mold is a heat softened and reusable putty that cools instantly and does not stick to Green Stuff/Kneadatite, Stick Putty or other common sculpting putties. Create instant molds of hard to replicate details. Once you're done, put it back in hot water and do it again!

You can pick up InstantMold at Cool Mini Or Not's store.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Spartan Games, Dystopian Wars Comparisons

Spartan Games just posted up some comparisons between their naval vessels and the land vehicles.  As you can see the land vehicles are going to be rather large.

ArtCrime Productions, Tanks

Here are some 3D renders of an upcoming Spartan tank by ArtCrime Productions.   The tank is currently being prototyped at Moddler and will be released in Resin.  It is 87mm long, 52mm wide and 37mm tall.   The tank will be cast in resin.  The tank will be hollow and the estimated price will be about $12.00.

The Spartan tank will come in 5 parts, hull, treads, turret, barrel.  It will serve as the the main body for other vehicles including Anti-Infantry, Anti-Air and a Bridge Layer.

Studio McVey, Firebrand

Here is a really cool sculpt from Studio McVey for their their Sedition Wars Firebrand line sci-fi range.  This figure is perfect for the SuperSystem game.

Here is a pretty cool figure from their Vanguard line.  The sculpting is really good.

#25 Jersey Bound

Jersey Bound

Inspired by my 'vacation' to Jersey that ended in a lot of snow and MORE time in Jersey.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Khurasan Miniatures, Octopus God

Here is something fun coming from Khurasan Miniatures called the Octopus God.  Jon has created this beast for his new Eldritch horror line.  The figure will be all resin and will not come with a base.  The figure should be about 75mm tall.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Heavy Gear, Blitz Terrain Setups

Here are some really nicely done terrain setups for Heavy Gear.  You can read and see more about them on TMP forums.  I really like the railroad yard setup.

Khurasan Miniatures, Big Mutants

Khurasan Miniatures is adding 3 more biggies (Big Mutants) to their 15mm End Times line.   They will be armed with a MAR (mutant assault rifle, big), one a MRG (mutant riotgun, also big), and a third will be armed with an unearthed urban fixture!

Warploque Miniatures , Trolls

Here is something a little different.  A young gentleman named Alex (17 years old) has sculpted and is now selling some fun looking Trolls.  His company is called Warploque Miniatures and the figures can be purchased there.  The Troll figures are made out of resin and stand about 2 inches tall.  Currently there are 4 types of trolls, (Forest, Hill, Mountain and River).  His next sculpt is some sort of Giant, which will stand about 10cm tall.

River Troll

Splintered Light Miniatures, Dark Elves

Here is a look at some 15mm Dark Elf personality pack greens from Splintered Light Miniatures.  I have other dark elf figures from Splintered Light and I have to say they are pretty slick.

David should also have some masters of the Gnomes and Cave Imps (by sculptor Whiff Waff) very soon. The figures should be available early February.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Tobsen77, Mononef

Tobsen77 is coming out with a really fun little 28mm ship called the Monoef.  The ship will retail for 18 Euros.

Friday, January 21, 2011

No Limits, Rules

There is a free generic rule set out there called No Limits that looks really interesting.  The ruleset has been around for quite some time, but I have never given it a go.

No Limits uses an alternate unit activation system with play alternating until all units have been activated. When a model is activated, there are a number of actions available to each model which will determine what it may do.  Weapons and abilities cost certain actions and dictate what a model may or may not do.

No Limits comes with both a vehicle and model calculator, which allows you to create whatever model you deem appropriate.

If you are a fan of Warzone or Vor, you may really like how this ruleset plays.

Antenociti's Workshop, Jet Bike

I guess I am on a Jet Bike kick today.  Here is a render of Antenociti's Workshop's version of a Jet Bike.  The pods can go in one of two locations (highlighted green) and fit both the single seat and 2-seat bike. 

The fore and aft fitting areas should allow you to mount larger weapons, or just vary the layout - we will add a side-car variant at some point down the line also.

Both types of bike, plus the weapons-pod mounts will be available seperately to those with GOT Troops, and with commercial licences.

Zealot Miniatures, JetBike

Here is a first look at the Zealot Miniatures 28mm Jetbike.  The bike will also included handlebars, flagpole, rider arms, legs, and other extras.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dust Tactics, At-43

Last night I demoed a game of Dust Tactics.  I added a twist to the game and instead of using the Americans that come with the box set, I used AT-43 Red Blok.  The figures are a perfect match for other Dust Tactic figures and I believe the same sculptor might have been involved.

The Russian Troopers aka Red Blok had the following stats
All were level 2 and weapons were basically the equivalent to the Americans
Degtyarev DP - Heavy Machine Gun - Range 4
TT-30 - Pistol - Range 2

PPS-42 - Sub Machine Gun - Range 3
Missile Launcher - Range 3

The Russian Walkers had the following stats
Level 4
Missile Launcher - 2/+ against infantry and 6/1 against vehicles with reload.
This is the same stats at the upcoming German Lothar
Cannon - Same stats as the German Ludwig.

For those looking for Dust Tactics cards, check out the ones on The War Continues.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ArtCrime Productions, 6mm Sci-Fi

Here is the upcoming 6mm version of ArtCrime Productions Sci-Fi troopers known as the Makat. 

ArtCrime Productions, 15mm

So you want to see what cool 15mm goodness can look like.  Check out ArtCrime Productions upcoming 15mm Sci-Fi troopers.

scale reference, A Valyn and two types of human troops, one in a powersuit

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Olleys Armies, 15mm Orcs

Bob Olley of Olleys Armies is working on some 15mm Orc sculpts.  These figures should work perfectly with many of the 15mm Splintered Light Miniatures.

Dust Tactics, Special Ops

Fantasy Flight Games have posted a preview of their upcoming Special Ops figures for Dust Tactics.  Two box sets will be released including the German Special Ops Grenadiers and the American Special Ops Rangers.  Each box set will contain 4 figures including a sniper team and an observer team.

Copplestone Castings, Neo Sov

If your looking for a good excuse to pick up some figures from Mark Copplestone, now might be a good time.  Mark is offering a 28mm Neo Sov (Neo Soviet) deal this month that is really tempting.  A total of 41 figures for 62 pounds.  It is a great deal considering these are large 28mm figures and you're roughly paying only 1.5 pounds per figure.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Dust Tactics, TWC Dust Tactics

So I have been playing some dust tactics and was looking for ways to add some new figures to the game.

I got to thinking it would be cool to bring Captain America into the game and also the Rocketeers. Well part of the equation has been addressed. The fine folks at have created a few of the playing cards.  The blog is definitely worth a look if you are into Dust Tactics.

There is one company that makes a pretty good Rocketeer called TinMan Miniatures.

Another cool company that makes quite a few Rocketmen is Pulp Figures.   You can find them in the American section.

For Captain America you could go for the traditional look and pick up a hero clix or do a little conversion on figure.  The best figure I have seen for conversion is Reaper Miniatures Sergeant Mack Torrey.

MicroPanzer Wargame Studio, Vehicles

Here are 2 upcoming vehicles from MicroPanzer Wargame Studio. The SAS "Stoat" ATV drone is awesome. Would be a cool vehicle for Dust Tactics. It has a very German look to it.

Valkyur Raven Jetbike

SAS "stoat" atv drone

MicroPanzer Wargame Studio, Heavy Russian Tactical Armor

Here is an awesome render of an upcoming Heavy Russian Tactical Armor unit from MicroPanzer Wargame Studio.  Weapons being worked on now. The Heavy Russian Tactical Armor will stand 45mm next to the 32mm figures and about 23mm next to a 15mm figure.  I am really liking the look of these.  If the figures come out anywhere near as good as the render, watch out.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Olleys Armies, Bio Chambers Part 2

Here are some more 28mm Bio Chambers from Olleys Armies.  Bob will be selling a single bio chamber and a double with computer station.   The double chamber will be combined with and Ainsty Computer station and base.  It should retail around £7.50.  The single bio chamber is going to retail at £3 (without mini).

Pulp City, Jaguar

Here is and upcoming figure called Jaguar part of Pulp City miniature lineup.

Reble Minis, Zombies

Here are some 15mm zombies coming out for Rebel Minis.

The Creepy Crawler, The Bride, The Beater, The Clown and the Biohazard Zombies!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

#24 Christmas to the Curb

Christmas to the curb

Recovering from a blizzard back east, a killer work week, and an empty fridge, I've hardly had any time to sit still. Nonetheless here are thoughts on the post Holiday blues. Answer: throw it all out.

Knight Models, Star Wars

Knight Models produces some fantastic 30mm Star Wars figures.  They are going to set you back a little, but they look fantastic.  You can buy these either in a trilogy set or individually for around 12 Euros.

AT-43 Oni

Below are some AT-43 units I am looking for.  I have been going crazy trying to track them down.  It appears every store I have come across has sold them all off.  If anyone has or knows of where to pick them up, send me an email or comment below.  I don't plan on using them for AT-43 though, I want them for Dust Tactics.  I would like to pick up the Oni Army Box set if possible.

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