Friday, April 29, 2011

Matchbox Tucker Sno-Cat

Here is a really cool Matchbox that every 15mm Sci-Fi gamer should pickup.  The vehicle is called the Tucker Sno-Cat.  Here is a link to the GunnersWargaming blog that found this excellent vehicle.

The Tucker Sno-Cat will go perfectly with Khurasan Miniatures Rockjumper Pickup Crawler.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Khurasan Miniatures, Heavily Armored Prime Mover

Khurasan Miniatures releases the new 15mm Heavily Armored/Armoured prime mover.

This is a large (75mm), heavily armoured prime mover with a fifth wheel coupler so that you can attach any of a number of upcoming military trailers featuring assorted weapons or cargo loads. Alternately an armoured rear box can be dropped right over the fifth wheel to convert the armoured tractor into an armoured guntruck. This can be left unglued and so the same kit can fulfill either mission in a game.

The set also comes with two RRTs (robot rotary turrets), two manned laser stations (which will accept our Federal vehicle crewmen, sold separately), and two round covers so that you can cover up either, or both, of the turret emplacements. The kit also comes with armoured window covers that drop over all the windows like the armoured plates on the WWII "Dragon Wagon."

The heavily armoured trailer can carry a squad of men into battle and has a heavy grenade lanucher mounted in the citadel on top. Like the truck, it comes with optional armoured window covers.

The Armoured Wartruck was designed by Charles Oines and this display model was painted by professional modelmaker Mike Kirchoff

Soda Pop Miniatures, One Shot Green

Here is a pretty amazing 28mm/32mm One Shot green from Soda Pop Miniatures.  The figure was sculpted by the talented, Mikh.

Rebel Minis, British Pulp

Rebel Minis has some really nice looking 15mm British troopers for 15mm pulp adventures.

Rebel Minis also released Porters and Diggers

Spartan Games, Dystopian Wars, Prussian Empire Blucher Class Dreadnought

Here is some images of the upcoming Spartan Games Prussian Empire Blucher Class Dreadnought  As you can see it is quite big next to the Emperor Class Battleship.

Monday, April 25, 2011

khurasan Miniatures, 15mm Red Banner, Red Eagle, Red Lightning

Khurasan Miniatures has released the 15mm Red Banner, Red Eagle and Red Lighting tank. 
It comes with enough pieces to make any of these variants (Red Banner, Red Eagle and Red Lighting).  The tank is resin except for the main cannon barrel, turret mounted autocannon, hatches, hull block armour, and the early strip of turret block armour, which are made of pewter.  The tank is designed so it can be used for either near future modern gaming, or as a sci fi version of soviet tank types.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Khurasan Miniatures, 6mm

It looks like Jon from Khurasan Miniatures has picked up a 6mm line from John Bear Ross.  The vehicles look close to current or very near future.  Looks like JBR did an excellent job sculpting these.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Shappire Wars

Here is the next release for Sapphire Wars. Price is 11euro + shipping cost (2.5euro in European Union and 3.5euro outside European Union). This is an advance order - release date 22/APR/2011. To first 150 minis I will also add promo art each with signature and number (size 12cm x 16cm).

Check out Sapphire Wars on Facebook.

Email for customers;

Thursday, April 14, 2011

MicroPanzer Wargame Studio, SAS Stoat Recon Vehicle

MicroPanzer Wargame Studio is coming out with the SAS Stoat Recon Vehicle. 

Jason says the "master cast are back and have been cleansed and are in the mail back to be put into production. The Kit consist of all metal parts right now and am looking at doing the body and tires in resin to be able to meet the $10.00 price point I am looking to sell it at, But at the same time I am wanting to get these into your hands so I am offering a squad deal of 3 Stoats for $30.00. You will get 1 with sensor and 2 with plasma galting cannons. If you are just wanting one the all metal price is 12.00 and includes the sensor turret. 
The plasma gatling turret can be ordered by itself as well for 2.00."


iPad, Games

I recently picked up the iPad 2 for work and I am really curious what gamers are using it for and what programs they have found to be useful.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ArtCrime Productions, Freebees

The ArtCrime Productions blog has reached 8k in hits in less than 4 months!  As a reward for the great response, the first 10 followers who send Jimbo their snaildress get a free blister , (sorry his choice! :) ) It is free after all! Also Jimbo will be posting new designs for prototyping tomorrow! He will have a name contest! Whoever comes up with the best name, it sticks! And you get a free model!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DREAM POD 9, Heavy Gear Blitz Field Manual

The new Heavy Gear Blitz Field Manual - Core Rulebook Companion (see details below), is off to the printers and now available to order on the DP9 Online Store. It's expected back the third week of April and will start shipping on Friday, April 22nd along with the new Heavy Gear Blitz - Two Player Starter Kit (see details below).

Field Manual CoverIn the mean time, we have decided to move up the April Miniatures Release to earlier in the month. The new Heavy Gear Arena Valence Two Pack (DP9-9216, $20.00), Engineering Grizzly Pack (DP9-9217, $20.00) and Engineering Cobra Pack (DP9-9218, $20.00) will be available to order at the end of this week and will start shipping on Friday, April 15th. We'll have photos up in the gallery pages later this week, they look really nice, the Engineering Grizzly and Cobra have open cockpits with small pilots and separate roll bar cage over them, plus the big Chain Saw and Claws. The Heavy Gear Arena miniatures are fully compatible with Heavy Gear Blitz and include their standard weapon loadout.

The new Heavy Gear Blitz Field Manual - Core Rulebook Companion is a 60 page rules supplement available in Full Color or Black & White print versions, it adds a new and exciting style of game play to Heavy Gear Blitz! Taking the field test rules featured in the first 3 issues of our Gear UP eZine and revising the Locked & Loaded rulebook section accordingly with new rules flow charts for ease of use and new datacards for all our miniatures. The Field Manual eBook is available now to download on DriveThruRPG, if you purchased the Locked & Loaded Rules, Black Talon or Terra Nova Gambit eBooks it is available for Free as part of the downloads with those eBooks.
DP9-9997c  Heavy Gear Blitz! Field Manual (Softcover) 60 pages, Full Color $30.00
DP9-9997    Heavy Gear Blitz! Field Manual (Softcover) 60 pages, Black & White $15.00

The new Heavy Gear Blitz - Two Player Starter Kit has both the core Heavy Gear Blitz! Locked & Loaded rulebook and the new Field Manual rules supplement along with six Heavy Gear miniatures (1 Headhunter, 2 Hunters, 1 Command Jager and 2 Jagers), a variety of weapon upgrade options, 4 dice and a measuring tape. Enjoy classic Blitz! play and the rich history of the Heavy Gear universe in the Locked & Loaded rulebook. Also included in the core rulebook are complete army lists for four of the core factions in the game as well as rules for running campaign and objective based games.

DP9-9220  Heavy Gear Blitz! Two Player Starter Kit (Small b&w L&L Rulebook & Field Manual books, 6 minis, 4 dice & 1 tape) $65.00


If your into fantasy, you should definitely checkout the World of Twilight.  Twilight is the setting for a fantasy miniatures wargame, with a range of unique models that are available direct from Hasslefree Miniatures.

The game of Twilight is a small scale skirmish game allowing players to take the role of either the Devanu or the Fubarnii in scenario driven encounters. The full rules are available from Hasslefree, which include lots more background and details.

While you probably have most of the components necessary to play, the game does require 'combat stones' for each player (sold with the rules, or available from Hasslefree). While these do add a lot to the feel of the game, you can make do with two sets of different colored dice, using a 1-3 as a failure and a 4-6 as a success.

Big Bad Toy Store

I was on a plane coming back to Austin yesterday and was talking to a comic book collector.  He told me about a website called the Big Bad Toy Store.  If you're into collectible stuff and action figures, this is a great website.


The Weekly One Five has 2 Kwik 15mm teams ready for production.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Microworld Games, Foundationist

Steve from Microworld Games just released a bunch of brand new Foundationist models.  Definitely check out the Microworld Games website.  There are some really good paint jobs on these new models.

Mobile Command Center (MCC)

Steel Crown Productions, Edenite Jump Troopers

Steel Crown Productions just released the 6mm Exodus Wars Edenite Jump Infantry.

The Edenite Jump Infantry swiftly moves to occupy objectives and seize ground ahead of their comrades indomitable advance. Equipped with short ranged and melee weapons, they are ideal for lightning fast raids. Outside of the battlefield, they are released upon civilian populations as the ultimate in terror weapons. They leap from building to building, bearing down on civilians and then infecting them with nanites to promote the spread of the zombie infection. Any attempts by the civil authorities to stop them are swiftly countered with overwhelming force.

Each Pack Contains: 50 models (including 4 jump infantry variants).  The retail price is £3.95 for each pack.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Alternative Armies, Princess Julianna

LEU03 Princess Julianna £34.50
(16 Dwarves with numbered insert and plastic bases)
Each set is supplied with sixteen Dwarves including officer, standard bearer and mixed poses of trooper armed with firelocks.
All sets are numbered and supplied with an insert containing background, uniform and so on.   Limited to one hundred sets only.
You can read the full background of this set HERE (
There are several postings concerning this set in great detail on the blog of the designer Mr Tony Harwood, long time Flintloque fan. 
You can read about the idea, creation and so on of this set HERE ( )
This set is dedicated to the memory of Tony Harwood's niece Julianna who sadly died in the spring of 2011 from cancer.  Tony kindly provided the image here from his personal collection.
Also you can currently get 15% off this set and any other order with us using our Salute 2011 promotion, details on our website's New Releases page.

HEER46 Russian Rail Cruiser

Here are two Rail Cruisers from Heer46.  These are scaled to work with Flames of War.  The models are made with resin an white metal and retail for 19,90 € + post.

 Russian Rail Cruiser

German Converted Captured Rail Cruiser