Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Khurasan Miniatures, Neptune SPAR TacMech

Here is a look at the Khurasan Miniatures Neptune SPAR TacMech. The figure is big, roughly 55-60mm tall depending on how you measure it.  I believe it will come with an assortment of weapon pods.  The figure will be mostly resin, with the legs being metal.

The SPAR is a heavy support unit for the Federal Navy's SPAR teams, that will also be released soon.

                           On the left is a little 15mm Space Demon (awe how cute...squish). :-)

                    On the left is a 15mm Nova Respublik PA-3 Python Power Armoured Suit

Critical Mass Games, Merc Vehicles

Critical Mass Games just released their new Merc Vehicles.  These are no nonsense vehicles that could be used in just about any army.  I think I am more inclined to like the grav variant over the tracked version.

Each vehicle retails for £8.00 or you can purchase a platoon for £23.00.  It looks like the entire vehicle is resin with the exception being the guns.

Critical Mass Games, Painting Tips

Here is a great airbrushing video showing how to do digital camo.

I asked Rob Baxter to go into a little more detail about the Reflex portion of the Sedition Wars rules.  Rob is the game designer for Sedition War ruleset.  I was wondering how they were going to work and if there there would be something like Overwatch in the game.

"There are units that can effectively go into an Overwatch like mode based on two factors.

  • How you position the model
  • How the models reflex trigger is set off

While in reflex mode, a model with a reflex trigger can activate abilities under certain conditions, like when an enemy model moves into line of sight or ends it's movement near or adjacent to a model. Basically a conditional trigger. When this happens, certain abilities kick in.

So yes. You can have models that can guard a hallway, cover a retreat, or effectively enter overwatch over a specific lane of fire."
If you want to know more about the Sedition War rules or have a question for Rob, go check out BoardGame Geek for more answers.

Pole Bitwy, New Troopers

Pole Bitwy is coming out with a set of new 15mm troops next week if everything goes as planned.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Sedition Wars, Battle for Alabaster, KickStarter

Sedition Wars, Battle for Alabaster is 2nd cool KickStarter project that I am going to make a pledge for.  The first one was Steve Jackson's Ogre.  

The game is a fast paced tactical miniatures game for two players, developed by Studio McVey and published by CoolMiniOrNot.

The base game comes with
  • 50 highly detailed 28mm miniatures
  • 50 Scenic miniature bases
  • 5 double sided full colour expandable game boards
  • 60 page rules and scenario book
  • Vanguard and Strain stat cards
  • 100+ full colour game counters
I said base game, because if you buy into the Biohazard pledge ($100), you are going to get a special edition resin figure, + 12 more Vanguard figures.  At least that is the current stretch goal status.  That said, I really think this KickStarter project will have legs, so I am sure we will see potentially more figures thrown into the mix.

If you liked the look of SpaceHulk 2nd edition, you will probably like the Sedition Wars tiles, since Rich Wright is the main artist.  Since Sedition Wars is a high-tech universe, the designers tried to steer well clear of any dark and gothic elements.

Currently there are ten different tiles, and one transit network car (that's a train!), so that gives you a wide variety of different  board set ups.  The size of the tiles are 12x12 25mm squares, so they are 350mm square (including borders) - pretty big!

Bottom line, if you want a lot of sci-fi figures and bio craziness, this game is definitely for you. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hawk Wargames, Taranis MLRs, Post Human Republic

Here are some cool vehicles for the Post Human Republic called Taranis MLRs.  Love the look.  Great concept.

Black Hat Miniatures, Goblins

Very excited to see Black Hat Miniatures pick up the WWI fantasy Goblin range from Frank Hammond.  These figures are very cool and would certainly make for some great scenarios.

Single figures retail for £2.00 and larger sets for £8.00-£15.00

The 28mm goblins (20mm to the eye) were designed to use against the Hasslefree Miniatures Kindred WWI Halflings.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hangar 18

Those who are in search for some cool spaceship type terrain might want to check out Hangar 18's Flash Gordon and Sky Kings line.  Most of the resin terrain is priced between $8.5 - $30. 

They also have some pretty cool spaceships and weird war aircraft.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Trench 2114

Here is what looks to be a super cool game called Trench 2114.  You can check out the rules.

The setting is based 42 years after world war 3, the surviving or new "Neo Nations " of the world have reverted to a mentality along the line of their colonial ancestors as they fight to secure the few remaining resources on planet Earth. It is a tabletop game designed for 28-32mm miniatures, however they will also be making 15mm figures as well.

There looks to be 6 main factions including the Consulate (Has a Napoleon flavor), The Iron Will (German based), The Free State Alliance (NATO), Scavengers (Poor Countries), Conglomerate (Not sure) and Sosoei Tech (Robotic based maybe?).

They have a campaign running on Indiegogo to raise some capital.  I hadn't heard of that platform before.  If it isn't successful, I would suggest they use kickstarter.  Go check it out though.  They are only looking to raise $2,500.  Not much for a game.

Here are some 15mm Sculpts for The Iron Will.

Antenocitis Workshop, 15mm Sci-Fi

Just in case you missed this, Antenocitis Workshop who carries a fantastic assortment of 28mm figures/vehicles, also carries a line of Governance Of Technology (G.O.T.) 15mm vehicles that retail for 6 pounds.  I hope they eventually offer more in this price range.

MatchBox, 15mm Sci-Fi

15mm Matchbox Vehicles

Matchbox has some pretty excellent vehicles that are perfect for 15mm Sci-Fi games.  Plan on spending about $1-$2 per vehicle.  An excellent value all around.  If you do a Google search for "Matchbox Armored Response Vehicle" or "Matchbox Armored Police Vehicle" you should be able to find lots of them.  You may even be able to find them at a local toy store that sells Matchbox cars.  The rear top of the vehicle slides backwards to reveal seats and a console. 

Another great vehicle is the "Matchbox Swat Truck".  It looks like a Turkish Kirpi MRAP.
 Matchbox Armored Response Vehicle
Painted up and dry brushed.  Gun was added from a VOR gun emplacement.  
 Two converted Armored Response Vehicles
Gun and figure are from GZG's new SG15-A17 (NAC standing gunners)

Check out 15mm World for some cool pictures of the Swat Truck.

Defiance Games, Panzergrenadier

The Defiance Games Panzergrenadiers are shaping up very nicely.

From what I hear, in each box set you'll get 2 female tabs (12 female heads without helmets), 2 male tabs (12 male heads without helmets) and 3 tabs with helmets (total 18 heads).  So that is a grand total of 42 heads for 16 bodies. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hawk Wargames, Jaguar Warstrider

Here is a rather cool walker from Hawk Wargames called the Jaguar Warstrider.  The strider is for the Shaltari Tribes faction who use teleportation technology, instead of dropships.  They get what is referred to as gateships as a means of transport.

Secret Weapon Miniatures, Rapid Assault Vehicle

Just came across a company known as Secret Weapon Miniatures (Thanks TableTop Gaming News).  They sell a really nice 28mm vehicle called the Rapid Assault Vehicle.  The assault vehicle is 5" long (127mm) 3.25" wide (80mm) and 2.5" (60mm) to the top of the turret and retails for $39.99.  I would love to see this in a 15mm version.  The accompanying gun barrels look very cool.

Beyond the vehicle, they also sell a bunch of washes and weathering pigments.

Hotz Artworks - Felt Fields

Hotz Artworks has come out with what looks like some really nice terrain effects in the form of Felt Fields.  The $16 price is really good for what you get.

Each Felt Field is airbrushed and comes with silk screened flocked furrows. A single set of Felt Fields covers an area slightly larger than 20 x 14 inches in size. Felt Fields are designed to remain flat. The Felt Field sets ship flat so they won't wrinkle or crease, and they are inexpensive: $16 USD per set and $14 USD per each additional set purchased.

Each Felt Field Set contains six individual fields in four sizes: 4x4inches (10x10cm); 7.5x6inches (19x15cm); 11.75x6inches (30x15.5cm); and 9.75x8inches (24.5x19cm), for a total area coverage of just over 20x14 inches (50x35cm).Each Felt Field Set comes in a mix of 4 different flocked colors: Earth Brown, Flax Yellow, Dark Green and Medium Green. The flocked fields have been treated so the flocking will not fall off with normal gaming use.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Brigade Models, 6mm Terrain

Brigade Models have release desert building sets for 6mm.  From what I have seen, the building look great.  The first releases are desert dwelling and town packs.  You can buy individual buildings for £1.00 - £6.00 or complete sets for £13.00 - £16.00.  They also sell XMarx 6mm buildings, which are awesome.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Angel Barracks Sci-Fi Buildings

Angle Barracks has come out with a few cool 6mm Sci-Fi buildings. They are known as Modular Habitation Units (MHU for short - pronounced 'moo'). The MHUs are made from three core bits – end modules, door modules, and window modules.  The buildings are priced between £3.00 - £5.00.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Defiance Games, Alien War

Received a nice package from Defiance Games in the form of a box of their UAMC United Americas Marine Corps Infantry.  The box allows you to build up to 24 28mm figures. 

Each box contains 12 plastic frames/spruces with 324 total parts.  Each Spruces gives you plenty of options including 6 heads (4 different versions), 5 weapon choices (right handed), 4 left arms and 3 leg options. 

I was pretty impressed with Defiance Games first release.  The figures look pretty detailed and look super easy to put together.  Anyone looking for some generic sci-fi troopers really need to check out the UAMC troopers.  For $29.95 it's a pretty good deal for 24 troops.

Future additions to the UAMC Force include: UAMC Hardsuits (power armor), Female Marines, and Heavy Weapons sets all coming in spring and summer 2012.

Department of Fabricant Management

Here is another ruleset for 15mm play called The Department.  This was a successful KickStarter project raising over $5k.  The rules appear to be scenario based and look rather fun.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Khurasan Miniatures, Earthdoom

Khurasan Miniatures has just released their Earthdoom line of figures.   These are 15mm figures, but the first 2 releases are rather tall.

Below are the first two sets.  The Corsair Battle Dress (35mm tall) and the Intruders (20mm tall).  The Corsairs are sold individually for ($5.99) and the Intruders come 10 to a pack for ($9.99).

Steve Jackson, Ogre Designer's Edition

Well Steve just made it to the top of the Kick Starter club for Board Games. Way to go!

Hawk Wargames, PHR Juno A1 IFV

Here are the IFVs for the Post Human Republic from Hawk Wargames.