Friday, May 18, 2012

Defiance Games, Panzergrenadier

The Defiance Games Panzergrenadiers are shaping up very nicely.

From what I hear, in each box set you'll get 2 female tabs (12 female heads without helmets), 2 male tabs (12 male heads without helmets) and 3 tabs with helmets (total 18 heads).  So that is a grand total of 42 heads for 16 bodies. 


  1. Now those are a hell of a lot cooler looking than their marines

  2. Well what do you expect. Weren't the German uniforms designed by Hugo Boss under Hitler's direction, to make the soldiers look taller then normal. The jackets were cut short and the belts higher than the waist to give the impression that the soldiers were taller than they really were. So it stands to reason that these guys would kick butt. :-)