Monday, May 14, 2012

Defiance Games, Alien War

Received a nice package from Defiance Games in the form of a box of their UAMC United Americas Marine Corps Infantry.  The box allows you to build up to 24 28mm figures. 

Each box contains 12 plastic frames/spruces with 324 total parts.  Each Spruces gives you plenty of options including 6 heads (4 different versions), 5 weapon choices (right handed), 4 left arms and 3 leg options. 

I was pretty impressed with Defiance Games first release.  The figures look pretty detailed and look super easy to put together.  Anyone looking for some generic sci-fi troopers really need to check out the UAMC troopers.  For $29.95 it's a pretty good deal for 24 troops.

Future additions to the UAMC Force include: UAMC Hardsuits (power armor), Female Marines, and Heavy Weapons sets all coming in spring and summer 2012.

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  1. Saw them at their website. These look very well made and they kick major ass!