Friday, May 11, 2012

Khurasan Miniatures, Earthdoom

Khurasan Miniatures has just released their Earthdoom line of figures.   These are 15mm figures, but the first 2 releases are rather tall.

Below are the first two sets.  The Corsair Battle Dress (35mm tall) and the Intruders (20mm tall).  The Corsairs are sold individually for ($5.99) and the Intruders come 10 to a pack for ($9.99).


  1. The hard suit is absolutely bad ass and as for the aliens being 20mm tall, oh well. They are aliens. Who says that they have to be 6' tall? I like what I see here!

  2. Totally. I really like them both. Jon is constantly making it hard for me not to buy figures.

  3. Quoted for the truth there Tom. Gorgeous work. He got me with the Exo-Armor hard suits are few weeks back. :D