Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hotz Artworks - Felt Fields

Hotz Artworks has come out with what looks like some really nice terrain effects in the form of Felt Fields.  The $16 price is really good for what you get.

Each Felt Field is airbrushed and comes with silk screened flocked furrows. A single set of Felt Fields covers an area slightly larger than 20 x 14 inches in size. Felt Fields are designed to remain flat. The Felt Field sets ship flat so they won't wrinkle or crease, and they are inexpensive: $16 USD per set and $14 USD per each additional set purchased.

Each Felt Field Set contains six individual fields in four sizes: 4x4inches (10x10cm); 7.5x6inches (19x15cm); 11.75x6inches (30x15.5cm); and 9.75x8inches (24.5x19cm), for a total area coverage of just over 20x14 inches (50x35cm).Each Felt Field Set comes in a mix of 4 different flocked colors: Earth Brown, Flax Yellow, Dark Green and Medium Green. The flocked fields have been treated so the flocking will not fall off with normal gaming use.

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  1. Hello

    I ordered games mats plue vinyl roads in july and still waiting for my order. Email the site 4 times now and no answer. This guy is a scam and has bad customer service.

    Still waiting for my mats!!!