Friday, May 18, 2012

Trench 2114

Here is what looks to be a super cool game called Trench 2114.  You can check out the rules.

The setting is based 42 years after world war 3, the surviving or new "Neo Nations " of the world have reverted to a mentality along the line of their colonial ancestors as they fight to secure the few remaining resources on planet Earth. It is a tabletop game designed for 28-32mm miniatures, however they will also be making 15mm figures as well.

There looks to be 6 main factions including the Consulate (Has a Napoleon flavor), The Iron Will (German based), The Free State Alliance (NATO), Scavengers (Poor Countries), Conglomerate (Not sure) and Sosoei Tech (Robotic based maybe?).

They have a campaign running on Indiegogo to raise some capital.  I hadn't heard of that platform before.  If it isn't successful, I would suggest they use kickstarter.  Go check it out though.  They are only looking to raise $2,500.  Not much for a game.

Here are some 15mm Sculpts for The Iron Will.


  1. This looks amazing, it'd be a crime if I didn't spare them a little capital.

  2. I just saw that they only have a single pledge of 50 $. Would be a shame if they couldn't realize their project. Maybe you should really recommend those guys kickstarter, which seems the more promising platform.

  3. Kickstarter doesn't accept projects outside the US, therefore if they are outside the US then it's indiegogo or nothing (least that is how I understand it).

    Gruntz "Barracks" got funded via it after 7 days.

  4. I think they just have to advertise it more. I just heard about them this week while browsing TMP.