Tuesday, April 12, 2011


If your into fantasy, you should definitely checkout the World of Twilight.  Twilight is the setting for a fantasy miniatures wargame, with a range of unique models that are available direct from Hasslefree Miniatures.

The game of Twilight is a small scale skirmish game allowing players to take the role of either the Devanu or the Fubarnii in scenario driven encounters. The full rules are available from Hasslefree, which include lots more background and details.

While you probably have most of the components necessary to play, the game does require 'combat stones' for each player (sold with the rules, or available from Hasslefree). While these do add a lot to the feel of the game, you can make do with two sets of different colored dice, using a 1-3 as a failure and a 4-6 as a success.

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  1. New miniatures (including the new faction, Delgon) and book can be also purchased from Pyre Studios shop: http://store.pyre-studios.com