Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Khurasan Miniatures, Heavily Armored Prime Mover

Khurasan Miniatures releases the new 15mm Heavily Armored/Armoured prime mover.

This is a large (75mm), heavily armoured prime mover with a fifth wheel coupler so that you can attach any of a number of upcoming military trailers featuring assorted weapons or cargo loads. Alternately an armoured rear box can be dropped right over the fifth wheel to convert the armoured tractor into an armoured guntruck. This can be left unglued and so the same kit can fulfill either mission in a game.

The set also comes with two RRTs (robot rotary turrets), two manned laser stations (which will accept our Federal vehicle crewmen, sold separately), and two round covers so that you can cover up either, or both, of the turret emplacements. The kit also comes with armoured window covers that drop over all the windows like the armoured plates on the WWII "Dragon Wagon."

The heavily armoured trailer can carry a squad of men into battle and has a heavy grenade lanucher mounted in the citadel on top. Like the truck, it comes with optional armoured window covers.

The Armoured Wartruck was designed by Charles Oines and this display model was painted by professional modelmaker Mike Kirchoff

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