Friday, January 14, 2011

Dust Tactics, TWC Dust Tactics

So I have been playing some dust tactics and was looking for ways to add some new figures to the game.

I got to thinking it would be cool to bring Captain America into the game and also the Rocketeers. Well part of the equation has been addressed. The fine folks at have created a few of the playing cards.  The blog is definitely worth a look if you are into Dust Tactics.

There is one company that makes a pretty good Rocketeer called TinMan Miniatures.

Another cool company that makes quite a few Rocketmen is Pulp Figures.   You can find them in the American section.

For Captain America you could go for the traditional look and pick up a hero clix or do a little conversion on figure.  The best figure I have seen for conversion is Reaper Miniatures Sergeant Mack Torrey.

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