Monday, January 31, 2011

We Have Issues Publishing, Zyn Vaded

I recently received a whole bunch of ZynVaded! figures from John over at We Have Issues! Publishing.   The figures come as one piece with an integrated lipped base.  The figures are made out of resin and come in various colors depending on the type of figure and faction.

The concept of the game is awesome.  Basically you can play the game anywhere you want.  Since the game is at 1 to 1 scale, a soft drink can/bottle or book or stapler can be used as terrain.

The Zyn, are an inch-high, insectile alien race determined to conquer earth.  Currently you can choose to play as either the Kyll’al, the militant arm of the alien invasion or the Sav’m, the rebellious faction looking to halt the invasion.

Coming this August there will be an even deadlier threat in the form of Zombies (Zed-Bugz and Zed-Grubz) in a game called "Don't Let The Zed-Bugz Bite!"

All the original figures from the game have been re-sculpted so as to not infringe on any copy write issues. The new designs also improved the thickness of certain weapons making them much less prone to breakage.

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