Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dust Tactics, At-43

Last night I demoed a game of Dust Tactics.  I added a twist to the game and instead of using the Americans that come with the box set, I used AT-43 Red Blok.  The figures are a perfect match for other Dust Tactic figures and I believe the same sculptor might have been involved.

The Russian Troopers aka Red Blok had the following stats
All were level 2 and weapons were basically the equivalent to the Americans
Degtyarev DP - Heavy Machine Gun - Range 4
TT-30 - Pistol - Range 2

PPS-42 - Sub Machine Gun - Range 3
Missile Launcher - Range 3

The Russian Walkers had the following stats
Level 4
Missile Launcher - 2/+ against infantry and 6/1 against vehicles with reload.
This is the same stats at the upcoming German Lothar
Cannon - Same stats as the German Ludwig.

For those looking for Dust Tactics cards, check out the ones on The War Continues.


  1. what have you used for the russian walkers?

  2. I don't know their names. I used the AT-43 Red Blok walkers (one with a cannon and missiles, One with 2 racks of missiles and the smaller walkers.

    1. It's Red Blok Spetsnatz Kolossus ;)
      from AT-43 Miniature Game.