Friday, January 21, 2011

Zealot Miniatures, JetBike

Here is a first look at the Zealot Miniatures 28mm Jetbike.  The bike will also included handlebars, flagpole, rider arms, legs, and other extras.


  1. Its a nice jetbike but they are using GW parts (the bolters) and looking at their work in progress stuff, even though its CG, one cant help but wonder how long they will last once GW sees them.

    For example theres a lot of space marine bits and a necron tomb spider too.

    Its a bit of a shame they cant attempt anything a bit more original to be honest...

  2. As Sergent Schultz would say I hear nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing! :)

  3. One month later, and they are history! Zealot posted a statement on their site yesterday saying they are moving in a different direction and will be producing "more inspired miniatures". Guess big brother GW found 'em out!