Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Zombie Smith, Crusader, Troopers

Zombie Smith has just released a bunch of new Crusader troopers for their 15mm Quar lineup.  The new troops include Infantry Officers, LMG Teams, Mortar Teams and Pack Cadier.

Crusader: Infantry Officers Pk. 2 (15mm)

Crusader: LMG Teams (15mm)

Crusader: Mortar Teams (15mm)

Crusader: Pack Cadier (15mm)


  1. Very cool! The Quar phenomenon one of those things that I just didn't quite understand at first, but the little guys have really started to grow on me. I'm going to pick up one of their light infantry companies, and a platoon of Zombiesmith's Aphids too. The prices are just unbeatable.


  2. Yea Chris. I had some of the 28mm Quar, but traded them away for something I can not remember. :) The 15mm little guys look really fun.