Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Agis Neugebauer, Sci-Fi Tank Conversions

Sometimes you run across gamers/painters/sculptors that are extremely talented at converting something normal looking into an absolute work of art.
Behold the work of Agis Neugebauer and his conversions of experimental tanks.  Be sure to check Agis Neugebauer website http://www.agisn.de/index.html for even more fantastic work.  Also check out Dream Pod 9's forum.  Lots of good stuff there.


  1. I have a few WWWII pieces coming out soon, the first one coming out as soon as the painter works it up. It's a sci fi Hanomag, basically, for use by my Karkarine sharkmen.

  2. Jon,

    I look forward to seeing those pieces. I am sure they will be top notch.