Saturday, October 8, 2011

Definance Games, Core Forces

Here is some intel on Defiance Games upcoming game.

We divide our sets into two categories - Core Forces and Edge Forces.

Core Forces are those that are associated with the major powers of the Alien War universe. Edge Forces are supplemental sets that add flavor to the universe but don't necessarily warrant a full army.

For example, when we introduce a Core Force like the venerable United States Marine Corps, we will outline the plan for the follow-on sets in that Force over the next weeks and months. So with the USMC you'll have infantry followed closely by power armor (what we call hardsuits), then female Marines, and then heavy weapons. Over time, we will continue to add to those Core Forces with supplemental sets, vehicles, etc. - all in hard plastic. Core Forces will always be treated in this fashion so that you know what's coming and when to flesh out your army.

Edge Forces will represent a unit or small Force that can be done in one or two sets that we really believe should come to life to enhance the Alien War setting. For example, this might be a special operations unit within one of the lesser powers in the game, a "civilian" set, one of the native alien races, or an interesting vehicle that might not fit under the umbrella of a Core Force. Given the dynamic nature of alliances and multi-sided battles within the setting, these Edge sets may be used as auxiliaries with your army or just as small armies in games you play. These sets may never be followed by additional sets for that Force...but wait, that's not necessarily true...

In some cases, there may be a desire on the part of the community to enhance an existing Edge Force with additional sets. We'll always be open to doing this if enough people are behind it. For example, one of our first Edge Force sets are the Valkyries - hardsuit wearing, all-female elite special operations troops of the Nordic Federation. The Nordic Federation "may" become a Core Force over time, but we don't have a specific plan for that at present. We do think the set will be a fun one and add a lot of flavor to the game. If enough of you are interested in expanding the NF into a full Core Force, we can do that.

The division between Core and Edge Forces will give us the ability to launch some really fun "extra" sets while allowing you to have the confidence that a Force you begin to build will be fully realized if it's a Core one. We hope you like this approach to releases!


  1. Looks good and hopefully kits align well with concept art.

    Reads like someone has been making sure to *not* adopt the selling and release practices of GW, which has the internet abuzz with negative feelings.

    - T.

  2. Having seen some of the renders (and painted on of the sample 3d prints of the USMC infantry), I can tell you that the concept art is cool, and the models easily live up to the same level.

    The Marines are coming really soon, and the German Panzergrenadiers won't be too far behind. The USMC sample that has been shown has the more traditional open helmet. There's a much cooler head (imho, and the rest of the playtest group) on the sprue, with enough of them to give them to every model.

    Tony, Howard, Tim, and co. are definitely not going to be a GW clone at all. You're going to flip when you see the prices. Also, EVERYTHING is in a consistent scale, so every human kit will be able to be mixed and matched freely. Tony mentioned wanting to do some historicals somewhere down the road, and they'll mix as well. Roman Centurions with assault rifles? Samurai with the helmets from the Panzergrenadiers? AWI torsos with Combat: Alien War French Foreign Legion legs? Yes, yes, and yes.