Monday, March 28, 2011

ArtCrime Productions, First Releases

Proud to present the first releases from ArtCrime Productions.  The figures are way better than I ever anticipated.  Jimbo and the rest of the crew did an amazing job.  Really like the look of this army.  The Jet bike has sort of that Star Wars storm trooper feel to it.

The figures were all cast in high grade pewter and look amazing.  The Valkyries come with 2 arms and a weapon, so you can make various poses.  People who might have thought the figures would be too big, will be very happy with the outcome.  The figures have loads of detail on them and were really well cast.

The initial prices for a squad are going to be the following
Valkyries - $20
Bulldogs - $15
Infantry - $20

There is also a rule set in the works and being play tested at present. 

ArtCrime Productions Infantry, Valkyries & Bulldog

Figures are from ArtCrime Productions, Khurasan Miniatures and Critical Mass Games


  1. The Valkyries come with three models for $20, the jet bikes are also 3 models per blister.The infantry are 18 models, plus bases per blister. A models/blister come with bases, and the infantry have our unique "insert" bases..... Hope you like em!

  2. Great stuff, Jimbo. Can't wait to see more Valk suits.


  3. In total john there are 5 valk types,
    Fire support,

    oh almost forgot,