Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rebel Minis, Viper Suit

Rebel Minis new Viper Suit looks pretty slick.  Designed by John Bear Ross and painted up by Jeff Racel.  I definitely need to pick a few of these up.

There are 3 weapon versions in the first release of Vipers. MK.I-Mk. III. Also, for each version, there are 2 poses Standing and Advancing.

The models are entirely composed in resin... Bodies, sprues, everything and retail for $6.49 vs around $11 if it had been metal.

You can check out Rebel Minis blog for the full scoop.

I usually like walkers and tanks that are a mix of metal and resin.  I have a habit of breaking off resin guns, so getting them in metal usually helps solve this problem.

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