Friday, February 17, 2012

Khursan Miniatures, Earthdoom 15mm Aranid APC

Here's a render of Khurasan Miniatures Earthdoom 15mm Aranid APC.  Looks very crab like. 

It's a grav vehicle, and has a large door in the back shaped to the unique morphology of the Aranae. The hull (around 100mm long) will be used for both the APC and the Aranid main battle tank (MBT).

This model will initially be released in 15mm, then 10mm and possibly 28mm as well.  I of course wouldn't mind seeing it in a 6mm version.


  1. Khurasan's main product line seem to be renders lately.

    1. Everything that isn't a large business like GW or PP is a labor of love and that means that time, money, and resources are limited. Getting a 3D digital prototype is the easy part, getting it printed, cleaned up and eventually into mass production takes a while. It also needs to be financed, so keep buying those 15mm sci-fi vehicles ;-)

    2. Khurasan has been pumping out a ton of figures every month it seems. Their vehicles just take time to produce.

      If you want more figures from them, just order something and the next day Jon adds something else to the product line. :-) It has happened to me at least 3-4 times.