Monday, February 27, 2012

Dark Realm Miniatures , Comparisons

Dark Realm Miniatures was kind enough to supply some really nice comparison pictures and descriptions of their miniature range.
From Their Website
Pax Arcadian tanks. These are all on top of a 25mm wide x 40mm long base so you get a better idea of size.
This is comparing transports. The transports are on top of 20mm wide by 30mm long bases. 
I wanted to point out how large the Verger and Velite walkers are. The Verger is on top of a 40mm wide x 20mm long base so it is at a similar base height as the dreadnought. The dreadnought is on a 20mm x 20mm base.
This shows the kraytonian tanks compared to each other. The Gara transport is not shown but it is on the same chassis as the Aurika. The 3 tanks on the left are on 20mm wide x 30mm long bases. The Arkalest is on a 25mm wide x 40mm long base. 
Here is the infantry comparison photo.  This has GZG, GW and DRM.  I edited the photo shifting all of the figures up or down so they are approximately on the same "ground

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