Thursday, August 8, 2013

Alien Greys, 15mm Sci-Fi

Everyone needs a little Grey.  These guys are just plain fun.  The little Grey Aliens by Alternative Armies  probably have the most character.  Both Rebel Miniatures and Ground Zero Games Greys are more...well Grey looking with a less wacky weaponry.
Alternative Armies Greys Painted by Agis Neugebauer -
By far the best painted 15mm Greys I have seen to date.

Ground Zero Games - Greys SG15-X02

Rebel Miniatures - Alien Greys (Armed)
If you want larger scale Grey Aliens in 25/28mm scale , check out ZombiesSmith, Griffin Miniatures, 3D-Miniatures, Wargames Supply Dump and Brigade Games.  ZombiesSmith Greys are chalk full of character.  3-D Miniatures and Griffin Miniature Greys are very alien like.  Brigade Games are more realistic, but still have a ton of character.  Wargames Supply Dumps are not exactly Greys, but they have a ton of character and are close enough.

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