Friday, August 30, 2013

Dystopian Legions, In The Box

Spartan Games has a fantastic set of miniatures for their game called Dystopian Legions. Below are the figures you will get for each of the 4 different starter armies. As you can see, some of the figures are quite stunning and actually Spartan has made it a little difficult as to which to pick.  Every Army seems to have some really cool figures.

My personal favorites are the Prussian Empire and the Federated States, but both the Kingdom Of Britannia and the Blazing Sun have fantastic looking figures as well.

The starters range from £40.00 - £42.00 or you can save a little money by buying 2 for £70.00 or 4 for £135.00.  They also have started selling other figures and vehicles that are not included in the starter army set.

I would like to see some basic trooper box sets come out that were a little less expensive.  The only problem people are going to have with this range is scale.  The figures are much bigger than most other weird war stuff out there right now, so the figures are going to be a little tall.

Each Starter set includes.

  • 12-14 highly-detailed minatures. Each miniature is pewter with the exception of the Prussian Empire Teutonic Knights, which is a combination of resin and pewter, and the Kingdom of Britannia Sky Hussars, which are pewter miniatures with resin smoke plumes.
  • Model Bases: 6 x 40mm bases and 8 x 30mm bases. 40mm bases are used for Officers, Characters and elite models. 30mm bases are used for standard infantry.
  • Token Sheet: A5 Token Sheet for you to cut out and use to represent actions executed in a game of Dystopian Legions.
  • Dice: 8 x black D6, 8 x blue D6 and 8 x red D6. Ruler: An 8 inch acrylic ruler to match the range band system.
  • Stat Sheet: Detailing statistics for all weaponry and MARs relevant to the miniatures included in your Starter Set.
  • Activation Cards: 5 x Activation Cards to be used to determine order of march. Game Cards: 13 x generic Game Cards, 13 x nation-specific Game Cards, 2 x additional Character Game Cards.  
  • Quickplay Rulebook: 80-pages covering all areas of the game mechanics you will need to play a full game of Dystopian Legions, along with descriptive examples and colour diagrams to aid your understanding.

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