Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Warploque Miniatures , River Troll

Alex of Warploque Miniatures was kind enough to send me a sample of the River Troll. The Troll figures are made out of resin and stand about 2 inches tall. Currently there are 4 types of trolls, (Forest, Hill, Mountain and River). He is currently working on a Giant and some really interesting looking goblin/orc looking types. If you are into malifaux you might just want to pick these up.

The River Troll comes in as a 5 part set.  The figure is completely resin and I have to say very nicely cast.  I will have some comparisons of this guy with some 28mm figures by next week.

This Troll would fit in nicely with any 28mm army or as a Giant Troll in a 15mm army.

Also since we are talking Warploque Miniatures, they actually have a new miniature ruleset called ArcWorlde and have an awesome Kickstarter going on right now.  The video is really slick and they look like they are going to produce some really nice figures.  Here is a link to the play test rule set.

River Troll

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