Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wargames illustrated, Issue 277

A new issue of Wargames illustrated comes out this month.  I have been really impressed with this magazine.  The quality is much better than many other gaming magazines out there.  I highly recommend checking this magazine out.


  1. But it's mostly like White Dwarf, as BattleFront owns it, which are the peeps who make Flames of War. White Dwarf is amazing too production-wise, so it Privateer Press's No Quarter, but all three are propaganda machines for the companies who own them.

  2. Rod,

    Yea I do agree, but if you compare the White Dwarf magazine to Wargames illistrated, the magazine itself (not content), is really high quality. Wargames illustrated is IMO is much nicer than the White Dwarf. What I do like about the magazine is all the cool little historical articles. Some of the how to paint articles are really good as well.