Sunday, November 7, 2010

Khurasan Miniatures, Starship Range

Khurasan Miniatures is getting into the starship business.  Here is a first look at the Federal "Battle" Class Cruiser.   It's the first of three initial ships Khurasan Miniatures will be releasing for the Federation Forward background.   The threee cruisers are being built to recreate ship to ship battles between captains similar to those in Star Trek and other popular sci fi backgrounds. CAD work was by Charles Oines.

"This is the basic ship, an all round ship. As a cruiser it is designed for patrol and exploration, but is also capable of combat missions and can fight most enemy ships below battleship rating on equal terms.

In the front are mounted a series of phaser banks. On top are three turrets for heavy cannon. Finally, along the sides are missile bays.

The large doors on either side are for the DPLS which serve as ship's boats. Normally one DPLS is in regular use and the other is kept in the shuttle hold as a reserve craft in case of loss or damage to the active-use DPLS."

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