Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Heer46, Bergetiger, Ladungsträger, Tiger Cargo Carrier

Heer46 has created another great turret conversion for Flames Of War.  This time it is a conversion for  Tiger tanks.  The Bergetiger, Ladungsträger Tiger Cargo Carrier.  The turret retails for 5,90€+ Post.

In 1944, three Tiger I tanks were field converted by the sPzAbt 509 to recovery vehicles and redesignated Bergepanzer Tiger. In November of 1944, all three were transferred to the sPzAbt 501. Meanwhile, a lone mid production Tiger I that had been damaged near Anzio in Italy was rebuilt and converted by the workshop of sPzAbt 508 into a special purpose vehicle. Its gun was removed and the turret traversed to face the rear then locked in a fixed position. A winch was mounted atop the turret along with a tubular 10-ton lifting crane, which enabled it to recover and tow damaged/ mired vehicles. It was also equipped with other auxiliary equipment so that it could lay and clear demolition charges. 

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