Friday, November 5, 2010

Warlord Games, Zombies

Here are some very cool WWII Zombie characters for your gaming pleasure. You can pick up the figures from Warlord Games.

Major Terntadust has long been the head of the British secret army division against paranormal activities. Churchill ordered his ministers to create a secret division in the British army to combat the recent reports of supernatural creatures in the German lines. This superb sculpt shows Major Ternadust brandishing his cross ready to dismiss another foul Vamphyr.

This SS Vamphyr is straight from Hitler’s Occult units. Hitler’s secret division has long been researching the powers of the occult and how to harness the powers of Darkness, to use against the allied forces. This Vamphyr has seen many fights with the heroic Major Terntadust narrowly escaping on all occasions.

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