Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dystopian Wars, Covenant of Antarctica

Here is some info on the 5th army of Dystopian Wars.  They haven't released images of the army yet.

The Covenant of Antarctica is a young and vast technological nation, sprawled over the southern ice cap of the Earth. It was publicly founded in 1850 by Lord Barnabas Draynes Sturgeon, when he managed to lead an expedition to the legendary Vault and chose to settle there with his scientific colleagues, mining and exploring the area to uncover its secrets. Eventually the Vault was renamed Wells Chasm by Sturgeon and his people.

The Covenant of Antarctica, officially formed in 1857, covers most of the Antarctic, consisting of laboratories, warehouses and dormitories. Some of the sections of the land hover in the sky, held in the air with the miracle of science, whilst other buildings are housed deep beneath the ice in the frozen ground of the continent. Sturgeon’s nation does not own any lands beyond Antarctica, content to continue research in isolation.

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