Monday, November 22, 2010

Khurasan Miniatures, Nova Respublik

Here are some previews of upcoming Nova Respublik (Union of Planetary Socialist Republics, or UPSR) tanks from Khurasan Miniatures.  These were designed by John Bear Ross.  To get more detailed intel on these bad boys, check out TMP

Red Banner Upgrade

Red Banner

Red Eagle

Red Lightning


  1. I wish they would go for something a bit more exciting than a modern day Russian tank with some bits stuck on to be honest.

    Its a bit of a missed opportunity to release something a bit more exciting and original...

  2. Well, I made these because a lot of gamers were asking for them -- for something that could be used for "threat/opposing force" NF or neo-sov SF. So I responded by giving them what they asked for, and so they have been very positively received.

  3. As a postscript, you might want to check my website as I have made multiple sci fi vehicles of original design.

  4. Jon has lots of unique figures and vehicles. I like these for what they are. Your basic tank for the rank and file. I like the look of them. Not all the future nations will have the capacity to make cool sci-fi looking stuff. Sometimes sticking with a design that works is the best solutions. Heck they have done that in 40K for years. :)

    If you want a tank with more of a sci-fi feel vs near future, Critical Mass Games Arc Fleet might be what you're looking for.

  5. Tom, we make tanks with a sci fi feel too. :-)